Engaging Where We Are: Before Moving On To Where We Want To Be

She griped the first year of her life. I was so overwhelmed with having three children that I thought my fatigue was just making me impatient with her. Yet, she was unhappy. She is my daughter — Head strong. Head strong wouldn’t appreciate me telling you her real name.

Something miraculous happened when she was one. She could walk, and experience the independence she had been longing for. Walking didn’t make her happy for long because then she wanted to climb, run, and walk down the street like the big kids. There is always that next step to achieve and she is never happy until she achieves it.

Once she achieves the next goal something inside of her begins to stir. Ok, now what do we do. What is the next step? Well it has been kindergarten, junior high , braces, bra’s, driving, high school, high school graduation, job, and college. She constantly presses forward. Her mind perpetually makes plans towards what is next.

Something drives Head strong. The thought, if only.

If only I were older, I could….

If only I had more money…..

If only I was out of this house then…..

If only I could get out of this town then……

If only I could change this or than then I would be happy.

I see myself in Head strong. Constantly wanting more, and looking ahead to the next step, or goal. If we set our mind to it we can get so much accomplished. So whatever we are striving for feels right. I can do this! So it must be right.

After 40 plus years living like Head strong I have come to realize that there is no next step or goal that will make me happy. We spend so much time trying to get to some imaginary place that we completely neglect where we are. We think that there is no joy or purpose where we are because there is that better place, bigger town, or more prominent job.

Our drive and passion are taking us no where. How will we ever find joy where we are going if we haven’t found it where we are?

Oh Head strong. Wherever we are at in life now is a good place. Sure it may not be in the bigger city, having the better car, or in the shiny house we want, but it’s our life, and there are good things in it. What if? What if we poured our energy into making the time and place where we are now great? What would happen then?

Head strong my soul and body are tired. I have been chasing the next step for far too long. I am not in the job I want to be in, living in the house I want, in the bigger city that I long for, or traveling like I yearn to, but you know what? In my life right now are some great things. Things that I neglect for the sake of achieving something greater.

I have the greatest things right in front of me. A husband who loves me and provides for us. A wonderful home and furnishings. Nice cars that get me to a nice job. I have four great children, family, and all the comforts of life. Isn’t that enough?

Let’s dream dreams, set goals, and achieve great things, but first let’s appreciate and work hard to make our current lives a success. Perhaps what we are looking for is right in front of us and not in some far away place. Perhaps what is holding us back is us, and not this place or those people.

Head strong settle down. Become Patient Wise Woman. Who looks for opportunity where she is first, appreciates those around her, and makes a great life where she is at, before pushing towards the next step.

I was Head strong, but am changing to Dogged Perseverance. Working through my constant desire for more, better and farther away, and digging in and making the life in front of me something amazing. You can do this Head strong, and will be better for it.

If you do you will accomplish more, enjoy more peace, and realize more happiness because you made today work, and waited on tomorrow. Go Head strong, Go, by pouring your passion and drive into now, and into today.


Marcy Pedersen

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