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Call it what you want. Karma, a higher power working, coincidence, or destiny, but few can overlook the power that timing has in our lives to bring together pieces of the puzzle. Unlike a real puzzle life doesn’t seem to want to fit nicely together now matter how hard we try to make it. Many of us try so hard to make things work we make ourselves sick. Get worn out from expending energy on what we can’t control.

I spend most of my waking hours trying to control my destiny through worry, anxiety, and manipulation. I am a driven person. There are few things I can’t do when I put my mind to it, well, except put together ideas, get concepts, learn life lessons, move the big chess pieces of my life, understand what is ahead, make sense of it all, and outline the details of what is next. I need something to do with all my energy so I generally pour it into trying to make things work that just won’t work — until it’s time. …

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In the simplest moments reality is revealed. There are those times when the family has a big fight or rigmarole and the revelations are obvious, but most times it is subtle. I’ve never been stabbed more sharply in the back and heart than by the subtleness and sting of what comes out of another persons mouth. Like the good book says, from the heart the mouth speaks.

Marcy, don’t say that.

Where to start. Mom’s with values. I am a mom with values. I am also a mom who doesn’t expect her grown children to play hide and see any longer. I get what happens when they leave home and seek to find their own way. They experiment, try, fail, and succeed. They try people and things out. Make decisions as new adults in the world. …


Marcy Pedersen

Life-long learner, driven to achieve goals, lover of ideas & obsessed about helping others acheive great things.

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