Last weekend, Pineapple Hospitality was delighted to help Seattle Seahawks DL Michael Bennett kick off a big fundraising month for his charitable organization. The Bennett Foundation is planning to tackle childhood obesity through education, activity and nutrition.

Michael takes the kids for a spin around the loop at Bellevue Downtown Park

With help from the good folks at Conover Insurance, and a super connection with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue (BGCB), we all gathered together on Mother’s Day 2015 to talk about the problem, and take some action! Namely, we invited the kids from BGCB to take a bike ride with Michael around the path at Bellevue’s Downtown Park and learn about ways to stay healthy.

Just say “NO!” to chicken nuggets!

After some pointed discussion, and very spirited team chants, including one about saying “NO!” to chicken nuggets (say it like you mean it!), the kids were ready to meet the biking challenge with enthusiasm!

Some of the littlest riders had to pedal the hardest!

Now some of you may recall that Michael is a big biking fan from his impromptu ride following the Seahawks’ win against the Green Bay Packers in the 2014 NFC Championship. This past weekend was no different —once he hopped aboard his yellow Pineapple Cruiser we could barely get him to STOP riding! But eventually Michael, and some friends from the Seahawks (namely, KJ Wright, Brandon Mebane and Russell Okung) took a seat, grabbed some water, and invited the kids — and their parents — up for autographs. Michael also treated us all to some skilled karaoke!

Every one lined up to get an autograph.
K.J. Wright, Russell Okung, Brandon Mebane and Michael spent one-on-one time with each kid who came through the line.

Afterwards, every rider got a goody bag (courtesy of Pineapple Hospitality and Conover Insurance) and a Pineapple Pup “Fluffy” to take home as a memento of the event. Moms weren’t forgotten as they were treated to yellow flowers as a “thank you” for spending part of their special day with us. And as the afternoon wore down, we all gathered for a last couple of photos — a perfect end to a day in the park.

Post-event group shot — with Fluffies!
Diane Foreman and Michelle Barnet with Michael

All photos courtesy of Corky Trewin, Photographer.