There is a story about a son of a certain shopkeeper. One day, the shopkeeper told his son to ask the wisest of wise man about the secret of happiness. Thus his journey began.

The boy, took the journey, across the dessert and to the farthest land. When he arrived at the wisest of wise man palace, he have to wait for hours, because there are lot of people gather there. After spending hours, the wisest of wise man approached the son. The boy was quite confused, because there is nothing saintly about the wisest of man. Then without any hesitation the boy asked,

Tell me the secret of happiness.”

I already knew what you’re going to ask, but i don’t have a time to answer such question now. Come back to me in two hours and i’ll tell you the answer.”
, said the wisest of wise man.

But, in the meantime i have a task for you.”(The wisest of wise man give a tea spoon and two drop of oil in it to the boy).

“Take this and make sure to not spill it. Also you can look around my palace to kill time and meet me again here in two hours”

The boy agreed and start to explore the palace as the wisest of wise man told. He strooling around the castle in very gentle way and careful steps to make sure the oil in the spoon doesn’t spill out.

Two hours have passed. The boy arrived in the promised place and meet again with the wisest of wise man. The boy was glad that he did not spill out the oil. Then the wisest of man ask the boy,

So did you see my persian tapestries that hanging in the wall in the dinning room?.”

No.” The boy answered

Hmm, did you see my beautiful garden that took the master gardener 10 years to create ?” The wisest of wise man continue.

No.” Said the boy again

How can you trust a man, when you don’t even know his house? Now, you do my task again and see all of my world’s marvels.”

The boy was embarassed at first, but then he relieved and overjoyed to hear what the wisest of wise man said. Then he start to explore the palace again, strooling and now, he make sure that he search every room for wonder as much as he can. He see the beautiful paintings, the garden, the art, and he continue to search almost every place and room in the palace.

After two hours, he came back to the wisest of wise man and tell him in detail about what he had seen.

“But what about the drop of oil that i entrusted to you ?” asked the wisest of wise man.

When the boy looking down at the spoon and he did not realize that the oil has gone.

Well, there is only one advice i can give you” said the wisest of wise man.

The secret of happiness is to see all marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon

  • Taken from a book, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho


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