Justice for Ethan

A young man killed by the authorities hired to “serve and protect”

Mardra Sikora
Aug 29, 2013 · 4 min read

Have you heard of Robert Ethan Saylor? The man who died this year in January at the hands of three off duty police officers working as mall security guards?

What Happened:

  • Ethan, a 26 year old man with Down syndrome, re-entered a movie theater to see the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” for a second time while his care-giver retrieved the car.

What has not happened:

  • The release of information in a transparent and timely manner

Where is the outrage?

It seems only a few voices are calling for justice and only a few media outlets are listening. Why is this? My speculation:

  • There are cries for justice within the “Down syndrome community,” with most of the articles/blogs and information from this group. But not everyone is pounding the drums and making noise, perhaps they are 1) too afraid to face this, 2) too busy fighting their own battles, 3) putting their head in the sand in the hopes it won’t happen again, or 4) already feel defeated.

What were these officers thinking?

  • At best, accidental use of too much force, out of…habit? Were they hoping to teach this “kid” a lesson to listen to authority? (A sad irony since he idolized the police.)

What Needs to Happen:

  • Governor Martin O’Malley needs to call for an independent investigation into the actions that led to Ethan’s death, both for the accountability of the men involved and their department, as well as to determine any way to prevent further tragedies of this nature.

What you can do:

  • Please, interact and share this and every piece you run across about Ethan Saylor. Media that gets attention will drive attention.

Thank you.

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