Fundraising- Post 1

Every action we do adds to our experiences. I have never mentioned before in any blog of mine, this is the perfect time to ice break that a month back I joined Amal Career Fellowship. This fellowship induces and improves various skills for instance teamwork, leadership, communication , management and much more. This fellowship has given me a great opportunity of making myself do something. For the mega project of the fellowship, in a group of five we are soon going to organize a fund raising activity for an NGO.

Organizing a fund raising activity is an activity worth doing. There is a lot to learn out of it and a lot to gain. It is going to need good sponsorship, potential NGO, marketing brands, publicity, audience, entertainers, much more and most of all every individual’s devotion. What can one not learn out of it? It would teach us business and professional documentation, convincing someone (market leaders and brands), public speaking (if one avails the chance), marketing and financial planning, establishing good links. what it can’t pay us? The least it will pay is making good links too much helpful in career.

We can contribute a lot to make it possible. The simplest of it is hardwork, devotion, commitment, cooperation and proper planning. We will look into each ones best skills and accordingly divide the work load. I and my team members would keep writing hope you will stay curious by the teaser blog version.