Last Day with Amal Fellows

23 sessions of Amal distributed in a span of 3 months, were ample opportunity to acquire learnings, memories and quality time. The last day at the fellowship was an outdoor tour with the fellows, which I attended for only half of the time but I am glad I did. We all gathered in the food court of fortress square mall and planned to go for a movie ‘hindi medium’, later.

The wonderful part of the day was spending more time with the fellows, than usual sessions. I had a lunch with my fellows, which was a lot fun- having a lot of chit chat, pranks and real candid photos while eating. That day was worth capturing the moments as memories and making commitments to stay in contact with each other.

Before the tour, by the end of the session of that day was a very interesting activity, that stands dear to me, was about how are we all going to stay in contact. The most amusing part of the activity was tying hand in the thread and passing the thread forward, so that each of the fellow becomes a part of that web.

I wasn’t generally the tour guide but I acted like that, only to some extent, with four other fellows, for as long as we had to decide our lunch order, place it and pay for it. It is quite fun to be a tour guide, helping out and guiding people and solving the problems for others. I remember the time when I got into university, I was such a roaming and travelling freak that people use to take directions and information about places and spots in university from me; I was entitled “tour guide” at that time.

If I have had stayed longer to watch the movie, I am sure I could learn a lot from the lesson of that movie as well, which is worth watching. But for as long as I was a part of the tour, I could realize that, people are good and we have to invest our goodness to see good inside them. The other thing that I learnt was every time there is a new chapter with new people, but to cherish our life we need to make good memories, remember them and stay in contact with those people.

I think that work should be given its due place and leisure of life should be given their importance. Both should never collide with each other. In that similar way this day was. After having given a good time of work to the fellowship there was a big day of fun which was actually meant to put away all tiredness.