Fundraising Experience

Edhi Foundation has served the world with its services greatly. It was mainly functioning with the aid of the funds given by the citizens. After Abdul Sattar Edhi died the funds decreased drastically and hindered Edhi Foundation perform the same way. I and my Amal fellows had got to be collecting the funds for the organization in two weeks. 
Despite of being failed I would still say that the first week was better. I and my friend, we knew that we had to collect the funds and the best place for us to work in was our university campus. The trouble came then. Our other friends who are also Amal fellows had started this activity in the university before we ever knew that we would have to do it, and of course they managed to get the funds. People are always less willing to contribute to nobility.
So the failure here indicated that we need to change the plan. I asked for help on social media groups if anybody wanted contribute. Also asked the other fellows groups to collaborate. It wasn’t much effective either; everybody claimed to be unable to figure out the solution.
The process of giving a thought went on until I fall too ill to work on it any longer. In the end I just wish we had greater time to work and a much greater team to give the heart and soul to it.
I gave in another two days then. I knew where I had to go. So I went to my closest friends and family. I received a little sum of money from my siblings and a friend. In the end, I was able to feel that I have done at least something.

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