Brawl Stars Gems 2019 SCRIPT FREE

Brawl Stars Gems 2019 SCRIPT FREE


The creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have already proved that they can make games that place mobile devices around the world from the spot. Brawl Stars is another title in their portfolio, which is gaining more and more popularity. Unfortunately, until now the title was available only on iOS. To make matters worse, the game has not yet got a worldwide premiere, so wanting to play it on Apple devices in Poland, you had to combine the establishment of a Canadian account in the App Store. However, there was a light in the tunnel. The game made its debut in Google Play and that means that maybe soon we will play it in Poland officially!

Last weekend, Brawl Stars appeared on Google Play. Unfortunately, as with the iOS version, there are still regional blockades. The game is available only in a few countries. The list includes: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Irlancia, Malaysia, Macau, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. However, when looking at comments on Google Play, Polish players are dealing with this difficulty using the changed VPNs. However, I very much hope that soon the title will have its world premiere. It’s been a year like the game is available on the market with regional limitations. It seems that such a period of time should be enough to eliminate all errors …

Now you can pre-register in the Google Play store for the upcoming release of the game “Brawl Stars”, which will be available to everyone in December 2018.

The preview of the release does not show any gameplay, but actually announces the global release date for December, all with a bit of style. We already know that the game will be very similar to the MOBA-esque shooter. This means that you can expect real-time matches, 3v3 battles, royal battle mode, collector cards, daily events, as well as solo and cooperative games.

The game “Brawl Stars” has been announced for a long time, so fans of Supercell and this type of games can finally breathe a sigh of relief that this title is coming!