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I must admit: one of the best decisions in my life was not made fully by me, but also by my parents.

When I was 17, they advised me to join my brother and study Information Technology at the same university. I did not know then, thanks to them, I will find the best possible match among my profession, lifestyle and personality.

Me, coming from a non-specific academically oriented grammar school with tones of geography, biology, chemistry, etc., starting my first semester at University → I had no clue what programming is. Oh yeah, I…

Write Code as Uncle Bob or Live as a Public Servant

Some time ago my colleague, #innovationenabler and CTO of ableneo, Gustav Novotný recommended to me some of Robert Martin’s (Uncle Bob’s) conference speeches about Clean Code. It’s quite long (10 hours), free to watch on YouTube (the conference is called UnityCoin so credits to them) and has 6 parts:

As you can see, the topic of these speeches is not just Clean Code. It…

Why have I returned?!

I have been working with ableneo since it’s very beginning in 2017. After a year in a project, a great year that thanks to ableneo made me from complete junior developer to a professional one, I decided to bring my other passion — travelling — to the next level by moving to the Country Down Under: Australia.

Recently we had a chance for remote ‘corona’ interview between our Dominka Letkova and me about my motivations of going there and back and becoming the innovation enabler straight after the return 😊.

what was the reason you left…

Marek Vodicka

Frontend Engineer

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