Since mid-2018, there is possibility to become Elastic Certified, which is the official way to show the world you are an Elasticsearch expert.
I have recently gone through the exam and this post is about my preparation process and what to expect of the actual exam.


I have been considering certification since the moment I received the Elasticsearch newsletter with information that the certification exam is available. It took me nearly one year (Aug 2019) to do a step forward and register for the exam. One of the reasons that helped me to do such a move was a limited offer about free exam retake in case I would fail the first attempt. …

Most of us, working with elastic stack has come to the point where we have to make optimizations in a matter of getting better indexing throughput or lower query response time.

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The Elastic stack is quite easy to set up and get running. On the other hand, it is a pretty complex science to get the most of it and keep it in good condition. In this article, we will take a look at some basic rules and best practices to keep your stack healthy and robust.

As we are talking about Elastic stack, we will cover Logstash in this article and Beats and Elasticsearch in the upcoming sections. Although Logstash is not as complicated as Elasticsearch itself, it is crucial for some use cases and also needs the same level of focus for its proper configuration. …

A few days ago another event from Elastic{on} Tour series took place in Frankfurt welcoming around 200 developers/architects or whoever likes data engineering.

If you are not familiar with Elastic{on} Tour series short intro for you: It is a smaller, one-day version of original Elastic{on} which began with the idea to bring Elastic{on} closer to its fans all around the world. Understandably — the original Elastic{on} is located in San Francisco and usually takes 3 days.

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Even though Elastic{on} Tour in Frankfurt took just single day the content was very concentrated and every single minute was worth of visiting.

The topics of talks were sorted into three categories — the news from Elasticsearch and its ecosystem, the case studies and how-to/best practices. Apart from talks the Ask-me-anything booth with a dozen of Elastic tech. guys present was the right place to discuss problems or get insider info about new stuff. …


Marek Hornak

Everything Java, Spring, Elasticsearch and DevOps.

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