Jeffrey Lord, CNN, Iran-Contra, and the New York…Jets?

“I just watched Jeffrey Lord on CNN…” is the beginning to every sentence I have said over the past year-plus that has almost induced me to go into an anger induced fugue state that leaves me smelling sulfur in my living room, and then suddenly waking up two streets down from where I live yelling into the sky at nothing in particular remembering nothing about how I got there.

Here I go in written form with that sentence.

I just watched Jeffrey Lord on CNN…trying to DEFEND the president, mind you, by referring to the time, during the Iran-Contra affair, when Ronald Reagan had the Super Bowl winning New York (*ahem*) JETS over to the White House, and that charming moment when Reagan looked at Lawrence Taylor and said, “I don’t have any fans left.”

Apparently this little anecdote was meant to describe how things eventually blow over when one is falsely accused of something, but it’s tough to see the end of a struggle when one is wrapped up in the middle of it.

I’m smelling sulfur right now. If I don’t finish this blog it’s because I’m meeting one of my neighbors for the first time and begging forgiveness for having broken something.

There is so much to unpack in that little story. For me to take that, or most of anything Jeffrey Lord says, serioulsy would require a violent shutting down of my mental and physical faculties. Maybe that’s why these things happen.

Let’s try to “unpack” that wonderful bit of nostalgia for the late 80s when Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the illegal sale of arms to Iran, and then tried to secretly, and illegaly, fund South American armies…even at great risk to my health and my neighbors’ personal property.

In order to take any of what Lord said seriously one would have to forget that the government DID take part in that nefarious business during the Iran-Contra affair…with Reagan’s direct authorization. Although Reagan never faced impeachment over it, the FACTS (it’s important to capitalize that word these days since some people doubt they exist)…the FACTS prompted him to say the following in an address to the nation on Iran-Contra, on the 13th of November 1986:

A few months ago, I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and evidence tell me it is not.

You can even see the whole address here:

Why mentioning Iran-Contra is meant to be a good defense strategy in the public eye is beyond me. Unless Lord meant that even someone who has made public statements and actions that are grossly illegal can also get away with them, but that would be ridiculous, because even Reagan had the decency to say he was accountable in later addresses.

This just goes to show that the currnet president’s public advocates are extraordinarily duplicitous. I know this not because of his trite comparison of this issue to Iran-Contra, but the fact that he doesn’t remember that the New York GIANTS won the Super Bowl in the 1980s! Here’s the evidence:

Look! I’m accountable! I’m The Gipper!

That Jersey is white, blue, and red, and not green and white…right? The Jets also hadn’t won since 1969! How the hell am I supposed to trust any statement from someone like that. I also don’t see Lawrence Taylor in that photo, but I’ll take that one fact on faith. Jeffrey Lord is Donald Trump’s enabler-in-chief on CNN. I wish they wouldn’t host him on that network anymore. He has no sense of accountability for the president, or himself. Even President Ronald Reagan took accountability for his actions in some direct addresses to the nation.

I remember that about Reagan when I was a kid watching those addresses on TV. This current administration undertakes initiatives to propagandize a false view of the truth through the likes of Jeffrey Lord. Kids will remember that about these jokers in the future…or the Trump/Lord PR team will convince today’s youth they’re honorable men, and that the New York Jets won last year’s Super Bowl. That idea was as laughable in 1987 as it is today. So is forgetting our basic decency.

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