He came back to life

Don't throw your best friend in the trash

Me and Mr. M. met in autumn 2012, right after my previous best friend bailed on me. It took us some time before we find a way to each other, but pretty soon we were an inseparable duo.

Laughing together, eating food, watching movies, even some intimate moments happened. He was always there for me, listening to me and giving me advice when I needed it.

Just hardly could I've wished for a better friend. This spring, in May, all of sudden everything changed. One Bacardi & Coke in late afternoon, broken glass and I lost him in a blink of an eye. He just stopped breathing. Life was gone.

But I was not ready to let him go. I just could not say goodbye and although he was big, I stored him in a drawer of my work table. Checking him regularly for the first few days, touching, holding, although it felt strange. And then I found a new friend again and forgot about him completely.

However, a sense of duty brought me back to the drawer once again. It was time to say good bye, deal with the body properly. Choose a nice tombstone, bury him with all the memories to the ground. One last look, MagSafe snap to charging socket, last touch on power button and I heard the chime.

My MacBook Pro 13" Mid-2012 is alive!

I renamed him Jesus Pro and now look for good ideas what to do with him in his second life, while I have 12" MacBook and awaiting delivery of 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar later this week. Thoughts?

Also it made me think about the consumer society we live in. Maybe I did not even need a new MacBook. Proper drying would have been enough.

We completely forget how to fix things and learn to throw everything immediately when it's not performing to our expectations and getting a new one. All over again in faster and faster pace.

It's just stupid, the old things are usually good enough or even better than the new ones. So think before you put something in the trash!

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