Why not reading BOOKS is something that you can’t afford?

Research has shown that an average CEO reads about 5 books a month. While an average American reads only one. Warren Buffett has said that when he started his investing career he read up to 1000 pages a day. By knowing these facts it’s obvious that if we want to compete with the high performers then we can’t afford not to read books.
 I remember when I was in high-school then I didn’t like reading at all. Mostly because I didn’t like the books we had to read back then. We had like a compulsory list that each student needed to read and I couldn’t choose my own ones. It affected my reading habits quite negatively.

Today I read about 25+ hardcover books a year and as you see it is too little to compete with the high performers. To stay in the game, I have found a great way to combine self-education with my other activities. I discovered a method called N.E.T. — No Extra Time. A method, which was introduced me by my first sales trainer and originally comes from Tony Robbins. Applying this method helps me to listen an additional 300 hours a year different audiobooks and podcasts on subjects that I want to learn more about and it don’t take any extra time out of my day. Human brain is designed the way that it allows to accumulate knowledge while we are doing something else. For instance, a lot of as spend quite substantial time driving to work and back. Most of us use this time to listen radio or some music but you could instead use it to listen and learn from successful people. This technique can also be applied while working out, doing household works, etc.

The reason why I’m sharing with you this information is that reading books and listening audio programs can be the easiest way to get ahead in the game. Each author has but his/her life’s learnings into their work and by reading their books or listening their talks you could accumulate their lifelong learnings with a fraction of a time that they spent in getting them. In these materials authors will give their best practices and knowledge on how they achieved the success that each one of us would like to have and can as well if we just follow the teachings.

It doesn’t matter which area or industry you are in today. There are plenty of materials from people, who have had success in various fields. Thanks to that all of us have an opportunity to learn from successful people and to implement the practices that helped them to succeed. 
 Unfortunately, like Jim Rohn says “What is easy to do is easy not to do.” A lot of people don’t discipline themselves to learn from others but if somehow they get the right book in their hands, they either don’t believe what is written or they believe it but don’t find the willpower which is necessary to implement the learnings. That’s why they don’t get the results mentioned and will tell everybody that the methods don’t work or they are too complicated to do.

Finally, I want to point out that with books and audio programs it is the same as it is with choosing your spouse or the bank you deposit your money. You have to choose carefully! You can’t pick the first one that you like. When we speak about potential teachers/mentors then you must look into his/her background and make sure that the person has been where you are today and has achieved what you want to achieve. Otherwise s/he don’t know the steps necessary for you to get where you want to be. 
 For instance, if you want to start a business and you want to do it from scratch then you can’t take advice from a person, who inherited his/her company. S/he just don’t know the steps that are necessary to build up a successful company from scratch.