“You can get everything in life you want If you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

This famous quote from Zig Ziglar has turned into a mantra that I live by.

Today I wanted to point out the two different sides of it that are both very important.

First one is related to feelings and health. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies on the subject that actions related to helping others are more liked. People doing it feel happier and live longer. The second side is related to professional benefit. How this quote can benefit to your professional life.
 When I first started my sales career this quote was the one that helped me to identify the purpose of my work. It’s extremely important to see and to understand how your work contribute to others.

For instance, the first thing I started selling was internet and TV services. We sold them to the end users. Our service had a unique function that enabled people to save time and nerves by letting them skip TV commercials. Studies have shown that a typical Estonian wastes about 200 hours per year on TV commercials. That is a lot and with our service they could have all this extra time that they can spend on other activities. Plus, they don’t have to waste their nerves on the endless commercials. Seeing this kind of advantages in our service helped me to make my life easier and what’s the most important, our clients happier. It was a lot easier for me to sell them our services if I knew that this will save them time and will make them happier.

Second part of this quote is related to professional benefit. Today most of the people are doing their work just for the money that they can spend afterwards. People see work as a thing that needs to be done in order to get the money and that’s it. There is no other good feeling attached to it.

2017 Gallup’s research shows that 70% of U.S. workforce feels not engaged at work and the main reason is that they don’t know the meaning of their work. Of course, like always, there are two sides whose fault it is. One is that the managers don’t explain to their employees, why their work is important and why it needs to be done, but the other reason is that the workers don’t seem to care too, because the only reason why they are there is the money.

When we start to live by the philosophy, that each work has a meaning and has been created to contribute somebody or something, then it completely changes the way we approach work. Instead of focusing on bad and negative we focus on helping others and making them feel better. Changing our approach gives us the opportunity to be happy as well.

One thought I wanted to add to this article comes from the quote of Nelson Mandela “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return”.

If you want to get everything in life you want, then you must also be willing to but yourself into a position where you focus only on giving and not thinking about what you could get in return. It is something that I have experienced as well and I recommend it to everybody. Willing to help somebody without wanting anything in return can create connections and situations that you can't even imagine.

Here is an example from my life. About seven and a half years ago my friend asked me to come to his birthday party and because it was far away he asked if I could give a lift to his schoolmates as well. Of course I agreed and did it with pleasure. One of the schoolmates was my future wife, whom we are happily married today. By that time, we had not met before and as I heard later, she wouldn’t have come to the party unless she hadn’t got a lift. So don’t hesitate to give without wanting anything in return. You’ll never know how this might benefit to you.