The 4 Ways Most Sales Teams Mess Everything Up

If you don’t hold yourself back all the time, you probably will get to where you want to go.

Doing sales right is simple.

Yet we always seem to overcomplicate things. Plus, we take great people and make it hard for them to do their jobs. In sales, all you need to do to be successful is to find people with a problem and collaborate with them to solve that problem.

Yet, that rarely happens easily. There are real barriers in place. On top of those barriers, sales leaders and sales teams are their own worst enemies.

Once we recognize the problems, we can begin to solve them.

1. Coaching

This is the most important thing sales teams always mess up. This affects everything. The job of every sales leader is to coach. Yet, most sales rep do not get coached. Not coaching is bad. Coaching wrong is just as bad. Coaching that has any meaningful results is consistent and rep focused. Coaching is listening, exploring, teaching, and encouraging. Coaching done right is a giant differentiator. Sales reps who are coached right always perform better. Everyone can train, few can coach. The sales leaders who coach well know they can never spend enough time with their reps.

2. Fit (Personality & Characteristics)

Sales team hire the wrong people. Just because someone can sell themselves, it doesn’t mean they can sell your product or service. The characteristics needed to be an effective sales professional today are often overlooked. It is not only the ability to speak well, to work hard, or even persuade someone. While those can help short-term, in the end, the other weakness always rise to the surface. The traits needed are the ability to build consensus, to facilitate collaboration, to overcome setbacks, and challenge the status quo. The best sales reps are curious, want to learn, and love solving problems. They are competitive and helpful. The greatest sales professionals find ways to serve others through their expertise and empathy.

3. Training

Sales teams train wrong (or not all). Sales training is $4.9 Billion industry. Why? Mostly because people don’t do it right. Sales training needs to done daily, in micro-doses. There always has to be three parts, the theory, the action, and the practice. It can be automated even with videos and tutorials. Most sales training is focused on motivation. If sales reps are trained daily their retention and mastery skyrockets. The problem is motivation is short-lived. Skills and mastery last forever. To do training well, the focus needs to be on skills and competencies. Additionally, there is industry and product training, but most companies do an OK job of that.

4. Inward vs. Outward Mindset

The number one way sales teams mess up everything is when they focus on themselves. They are thinking about their own goals, their own product, their own quotas. They are focused inward. When sales teams are focused inward, they will never be able to be the right type of seller for the best clients. The more a sales team focuses on the needs and wants of the client, the more they will sell.

Starting with yourself is the best way to make the quickest changes.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you thinking about yourself or your team?
  • Is everyone on your team the right fit?
  • Are you coaching the right way?
  • Do you train properly?

As you begin to focus on your team and your clients, your sales will increase. As you stay curious and change the way you train and coach your results will grow exponentially.

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