It’s highly likely that sequestration has disrupted your typical routines (and that may be a serious understatement!) As someone who has been working from home for years, and who loves to participate in wellness retreats, here are templates for a couple of daily schedules (one for work mode, the other for rest mode), that I’ve found work well for me. You may notice that they really aren’t that different, for me, that’s the key to sustainability. I invite you to make any adjustments that serve you!

WFH/Productivity Mode
_Wake naturally
_Mentally walk through your plans and goals for the day
_Read reputable…

It was a huge relief to receive our visa to move to Portugal after so many months of planning, packing, organizing, downsizing, hoping and wondering. What do we have to do next to get ready to move?

Our to-do list is daunting. But we have some momentum since we’ve already:

— Successfully listed and sold our house (after several renovation projects)

— Created a budget and transfered money to the appropriate account types — we will need ready cash to cover all of our relocation expenses and have money enough to open a bank account there and purchase a home…

We have been dreaming of moving to the Azores for over ten years.

Back in the early 2010s, R. and I selected Terceira as our wedding destination being that he was from the East Coast, I the West, so half of our guests had to travel anyway…We opted for the Azores over all-inclusive resort destinations that had no personal meaning for us, in favor of one that did (my family is of Azorean Portuguese descent on my dad’s side and I’d been there once before). …

Maresia WellBeing

Join me as I write about health and well-being, travel and eating, before, during and after our relocation from California to the island of São Miguel.

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