Peddle Boat Lobster

In Mountain View, CA the shoreline has a beautiful marina with boat rentals and a splendid trail. On one particularly sunny birthday we tried our hand out at pedal boating, having recently peddled our hearts out in the often cloudy Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The marina is significantly bigger than Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, so much so that the attendant pointed out that should we get our boat stuck in mud we would be charged a rescue fee. With this message fresh in our mind we ventured out peddling away only to see a young boy on the shore lose his ball in the water. As adventurous 20 somethings, there really was no question: we were rescuing the ball. After successfully chasing the ball AWAY from us with our waves we at last retrieved the ball. Most importantly we managed to throw it on land without having it land in the water, a feat in itself despite its simple outcome. It had been a successful 20 minutes and we had made a little boy smile. Solid good deed of the day.

The rest of the peddling was uneventful, we made our way around the marina, chasing the birds, and avoiding other boats on the water. Through this time, my pedal partner was developing rosier and rosier legs. After we called it a day, we saw the full extent of the damage. Though it initially did not look that bad, the sun burn required shmearing my lobsterfied partner with yogurt, and once that ran out, with lidocaine. It was a day where we should have saved the yogurt and started with the lidocaine, but overall a memorable birthday.