Anti Roll Bar

Hello guys today I will explain what is electronic sway bar and how does it work. We know what is the purpose of anti sway bar or you can call it Anti roll bar. Anti Sway bar is the part of your vehicles suspension which helps reduce the body roll of a vehicles during high-speed cornering. It connects opposite wheels together through a short lever arms linked by torsion spring. Basically it stops your car from rolling over a high-speed turn.

Electronic Sway Bar

It is similar to normal anti roll bar, but you can vary the stiffness using an electronic control. Basically ECU is going to have sensors which is going to sense the steering wheel, steering angle etc. If it senses a body roll the electric motor would send torque to the respective arm which is pushed down and lifts up the wheel to control the body roll.

If your car is turning left the electric motor will sense it and send power to push the right side up and vice versa. But it is not going to happen like it is going to roll first and then control the body roll, but the system monitors and acts accordingly.

Electronic Disconnecting Anti Roll bar

It is mostly used in an uneven surface (off-road), where you need more articulation of your axle. There is a disconnect in the sway bar, which is connected with an electric motor. Under normal condition the sway bars will be connected but when you press the switch to disconnect the electric motor will push the shift fork and disconnect the sway bar. Now when it is disconnected you can have more articulation of your axle.

While switching off the button it does not allow if the sway bars are uneven and not in straight line. There is a position sensor which senses and avoid any damage which maybe caused due to wrong portion of sway bars.

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