Meteor Js

Girish Margam
Jul 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Hello Guys today I will explain how Meteor Js works with some example.

What is MeteorJs?

MeteorJs is full-stack JavaScript open source platform for building web and mobile apps. It is easier to create apps in Meteor. Meteor can create real-time app without using external frameworks and tools. MeteorJs includes set of technologies for building user-friendly apps, a build tool and set of packages from Node.js and JavaScript Community.

Features of MeteorJs

  1. Full Stack Solution: Meteor has several built-in tools that contains front end libraries, Node.js Server, Command line tool. Its best advantage is that it allows both client-side and server-side integration, which most other frameworks do not allow.
  2. Development Environment: It makes app development more efficient, it provides with all necessary tools for app development life cycle, setup and configuration,API and deployment. MeteorJs simplifies the app development process as it is an open-source isomorphic development ecosystem (IDevE) for building real-time web applications from scratch with nothing but JavaScript.
  3. Live Reload: It means when you change anything in the file, the front end automatically reloads without refreshing the whole page. You just have to reload the required DOM elements on the web page.
  4. Database Integration: MeteorJs environment offers MongoDB database as well as a Minimongo, which is written entirely in JavaScript. With a Mongo API, the pages reload faster, and the updates are easier implemented.
  5. Front End Reactivity: MeteorJs offers front-end reactivity, it speeds up the development time.Isomorphic API is used for front end and backend communication, allowing to handle client-server management and server-session management without hassle. Besides, data communication between client and server happens automatically without having to write any code.

Advantages of MeteorJs

  1. Developers only need JavaScript for server and client side development.
  2. The coding is very simple and beginner friendly.
  3. Meteor apps are real-time by default.
  4. Client-server and Server-session management without hassle.
  5. Official and community packages are huge time saver.

Disadvantages of MeteorJs

  1. It isn’t very suitable for large and complex application.
  2. Use MangoDB,Sql integration is complicated.

Install MeteorJs

Download Meteor from this site. Then open your command line (ctrl+R).

Now select the folder in which you want to create your first app by using command:

cd foldername or go back a folder using cd..create meteor appname

This will create a folder with ‘appname’ in your directory. Now to select the app use this command:

cd appname meteor

Now open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser you will see the default app.

Soon I will upload examples for your reference.

Learn MeteorJs here

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