Fast Fashion: Sickening enough …

(But now we’re eating our own clothes)

Photo on Unsplash @Davidclode

“they addicted us … who needs all these clothes? Who needs all this crap?”

“One garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or burnt every second.”

“My God, we can do better than this” says the narrator

“There is nothing beautiful in seeing a river polluted by toxic dyes or a garment worker surviving on a pittance while toiling in dangerous sweatshop conditions.”

Picture by Thomas Lefebvre@Imthebear on Unsplash
“Bubbles” — a contemporary comment on sweat shops. Punch, 1845 (Purchased)

“the result of the actions of soulless multinationals and rapacious local entrepreneurs, whose only concern was to take advantage of the profit opportunities offered by cheap labor.”
Photo on Unsplash @alexnovii



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Margaret Allen

An Englishwoman in California, writer, teacher of medicine, likes chickens, bees, and vegetables. Supports the Green New Deal. Tries to keep her language clean.