The Birth of Forward Kind Heart

It has been a part of me, for as long as I can remember. My dad had a deep sense of Scottish pride to him.

We had a tiny plaque that inconspicuously rested on the wall. Later in life the motto along with the heart and wings would become a tattoo on my dad’s arm and my daughter’s chest.

It is the words that have inspired, motivated and lead generations. The words of my ancestors sharing the wisdom that guided them, and thus guiding me.

These words Forward Kind Heart were how my parents raised me. The foundation of who I am and how I treat others.

What is Forward Kind Heart?

Forward is the the action of movement and doing. Not staying stagnate or stuck. The art of creation and reaching dreams.

Kind is a way of being. An attitude and principle for the way I treat myself and others. With kindness, compassion, empathy and positive regard.

Heart is how I live. By and through my heart. It is my tool for navigation on my path foward.

Forward Kind Heart is the art of living life through kindness and lead by my heart. It is the act of ever creating and manifesting for the greatest good of all. It is being in alignment with my highest and truest self.

And now Forward Kind Heart is my gift to the world, helping empower empaths by healing through coaching, Akashic Records, dreams, and reiki.