[Translation] Jair Messias Bolsonaro , first official pronouncement as President Elect .

My translation of Bolsonaro’s first pronouncement as President elect .

( prouncement starts after prayer . to skip go to 3:45 )

First I would like to thank God, who, through the hands of the men and women of the Santa Casa of Juiz de Fora, as well as those of the people at Alberto Einstein in São Paulo [1] , have kept me alive. Undoubtly, this is a mission from God. And we will be ready to fulfill it. My many thanks, to everyone, all around Brazil, for this opportunity.

And if you permit me, I would like to read my victory speech :

‘’ Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” [2]

I was never alone. I always felt the prescense of God and the strength of the Brazilian people. Prayers from men, women, children, entire families, who, at the risk of us following a path that Brazilians don’t want or deserve, put Brazil, our beloved Brazil, above everything. I make you all my witnesses ; that this government will be a defender of the constituition , of democracy , and of freedom . This is not the promise of a party , or the hallow words of a man. It is an oath to God.

The truth will set free this great country and freedom shall turn us into a great nation. The truth has been a beacon that has guided us here and will continue to light our way.

What happened today was not the victory of a party, but a country’s celebration of freedom. The pact that we have signed with Brazilians is to make a decent Brazil, commited exclusively to the nation and our people. And I promise that this is how it shall be.

Our government shall be formed by people who have the same goal as everyone who listens to me now. The goal of turning our Brazil into a free and prosperous nation. You can all be sure, that we will work day and night for this.

Freedom is a fundamental principle. Freedom to come and go, to walk in the streets in all the corners of this country. Freedom to be entrepeurs. Political and religious freedom. Freedom to inform and give opinions. Freedom to make choises and be respected for them.

This is a country for all os us. Native Brazilians and those of the heart [3] . A Brazil of many opinions, colors, and orientations.

As a defender of freedom, I will lead a government that defends and protects the rights of the citizen, who does his duty and follows the law. Since it [the law ] is for everyone, because this shall be our government : constituitional and democratic.

I believe in the capacity of the Brazilian people, who work in an honest fashion, that we can, together, government and society [4], build a better future. This future that I speak of, and believe in, goes through a government that will create the conditions that all may grow. This mean the federal government will take a step back, reducing its structure and bureaucracy, cutting expenditures and priviledges, so that the people may take many steps forward.

Our government will break paradigms. We will trust the people, we will debureocratisize, simplify, and we will let the citizen or entrepeneur, have more freedom to create and build his future. We will unshackle Brazil.

Another paradigm that we shall break : we shall truly respect the Federation. People live in the municipalities, therefore, federal resources ( taxes ) shall go from government and directly towards the states and municipalities. We shall make the Brazilian Federation stand. Following this line we repeat, once more : we need more Brazil and less Brasilia.

A lot of what we are building in the present shall bring victories in the future. The seeds shall be planted, and watered, so that prosperity will define the Brazilians of today and of the future.

This won’t be a government only to answer the immediate problems. The reforms we propose is to create a new future for Brazilians, and when I say this, I say it with one hand stretched to the seringueiro [5] in the heart of the Amazon Forest, and the other, to the entrepeneur in the South, who sweats, to create, build, and develop his company. Because there isn’t Brazilians of the North and of the South, we are all one country ; we are all one nation.

A democratic nation.

Th rule of law has as one of its pillars, the right to property, we reaffirm our respect and defense of this constituitional principle and the base of the main democratic countries around the world. Jobs, income, and fiscal balance, is our goal, so that we may be closer to opportunity and jobs for everyone.

We shall stop the vicious cycle of the growing debt, replacing it with the virtuous cycle of smaller deficits, falling debt, and lower interest. This will stimulate investments, growth, and the ultimate creation of jobs.

The primary public deficit, must be eliminated as fast as possible, and converted to superavit. This is our purpose.

To the youth, these words from the bottom of my heart : you have all lived through a period of uncertainty and economic stagnation, you have been and are now being tested, to prove you capacity to resist. I promise that this shall change, this is our mission ; we will govern with our eyes towards the future generation and not the next elections.

We shall free Brazil and the Itamaraty [6] , from international relations with ideological bias, to which they have been subjected to, for the last couple of years. Brazil will cease to be separated from the more developed nations, we will seek bilateral relations with countries that can bring economic and technological value to Brazilian products. We will regain international respect for our beloved Brazil.

During our four year journey around Brazil, a phrase was repeated many times, ‘’ Bolsonaro you are our hope ‘’, every hug, every handshake, every word or sign of encouragement, that we have received during our journey, has strengthened our resolve to put Brazil in the place that it deserves.

In this project that we built, fits anyone who has the same goal as us. Even in the toughest moment of this journey, when from the hand of God and the medical teams of Juiz de Fora and Albert Einstein, I received a new birth certificate, we didn’t lose the conviction, that we would reach this victory. It is with this same conviction that I affirm, that we offer to you, a decent government, that will truly work for all Brazilians.

We are a great country, and now, let us together, transform this country into a great nation. A free, democratic, and prosperous nation.

Brazil above everything !

God above everyone !


[1] The hospitals where Bolsonaro was treated . One of them , the Santa Casa , translated ‘’ Holy Houses ‘’ , are clinics and hospitals , partially financed and run by the Catholic Church and the municipalities where they are located .

[2] John 8:32

[3] Those who aren’t native born , but became Brazilians in the heart , in other words : fell in love with the country , and became a naturalized citizen .

[4] Bolsonaro uses the words sociedade , which is synonomous to people .

[5] Rubber Tapper .

[6] The Ministry of Foreign Relations .