Childhood Memoirs: filmmakers.

Young filmmakers: a term often given to prodigies or talents of young age that have succeeded in making films of excellent caliber. This term, a surprising one for most children and an even more surprising one for myself and two friends because it’s completely inaccurate and hysterical.

Let me tell you why.

Growing up I had two close friends, my brother Michael and my best friend Sarah. We did everything together, including filmmaking, school, and various other things a group of young friends might do. The stage of filmmaking was a strange one and one I’m sure our parents desire to completely forget. We’d spend all our time together running around the house and yard making movies. These movies were affectionately dubbed the “Lost” movies. (No, it’s not a plagiaristic title off the hit series.)

The stories of the lost movies are completely the same even though there are three different films. The three of us played siblings and in each movie a different one of us got kidnapped, one for each. After one of us got kidnapped the other two set out on a journey to find our missing sibling. The cinematography was intriguing, all shot on a family camcorder and you definitely couldn’t hear us whispering commands from behind the scenes on what exactly we were supposed to do. The characterization was phenomenal. I mean each of us had at least 3–4 roles. The sounds effects and various other small details really emulated the intricacies of blockbuster films such as Harry Potter (especially those paper donuts and the fact that we actually got to film over the course of two days one time). The plot line was not at all predictable with each of us being miraculously rescued by our siblings with the greatest of ease.

Jokes aside, these movies completely incapsulated what it means to be a kid: rampant imagination, boundless energy, and oodles of time where we were left to our own devices. We’d show our parents these movies and they’d laugh out of pity but they never told us to stop. Why? Because they know that even though they were really dumb they let us have fun, learn something, and develop an imagination and an eye for creativity.

By no means does the term prodigy apply to us three, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. We’re coming for you SXSW.