Thank you, Margaret.
Michael Ramsburg

I love quilts…the stories, the variety, the textures and shades. I’ve made exactly ONE in my life, and that was under the guise of taking a class for “myself” in the years of early mothering of my perpetual motion son. It’s one of those “when I get older, I’m going to….” dreams in my life. So in the meantime, I collect quilts. But this is a collection I use; anywhere you alight in my home, you will have a quilt within reach to snuggle under. Not that in Southern California there is a real NEED for warm quilts, but that’s what air-conditioning is for! The picture you asked about is the quilt I currently have on my own bed at home. I snapped the pic as the early morning sun was streaming through my bedroom window and creating a light and shadow show on my bed.

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