Margaret Kronfeld — Team Leadership Tips

Margaret Kronfeld is a New Zealand professional who has years of experience handling management and leadership tasks. Though it takes decades to reach the level of leadership experience that a professional like Margaret Kronfeld has, you can follow tips from the pros to make your early leadership tasks run more smoothly. Some tips that might help you include:

  • Lead — It seems obvious that you must lead to be a team leader, but failure to dedicate time and effort to leadership duties is one of the most common causes of failure. Leading is a big responsibility and you must invest time in the role. Be visible to your team, support each member and make yourself available for both group and individual meetings.
  • Listen — Effective leaders always listen to their teams and they take time to get to know them. While it can be tempting to get into the thick of the project as soon as possible, take the early stages to acquaint yourself with each team member. Additionally, be open to input throughout the project to input from each team member.
  • Communicate — With your team working effectively, you need to keep communications open and consistent. Identify and discuss issues, reward people for outstanding performance and keep everyone up-to-date on project progress. Additionally, talk about new ideas and embrace those received well by the team.

Professionals like Margaret Kronfeld went through the same learning process that anyone else faces. The leaders who maintain confidence and continue learning are the ones who establish positive, lasting reputations, regardless of how many mistakes they make.