Margaret Kronfeld — Writing a Business Plan

Margaret Kronfeld was never an entrepreneur, but she has worked as a high-level company executive for many companies leading the Auckland, New Zealand business scene. Her experience planning new business strategies for such companies as BK Enterprises and KH Civil in Auckland has given her unique insight into how independent business owners can develop their business plans. Kronfeld spent over 30 years developing staff members, advising company executives on budgetary concerns, and running the normal operations of several businesses in Auckland. Her expertise can teach everyone many lessons about writing and presenting a business plan.

Margaret Kronfeld knows that the audience of the business plan can be just as important as what’s in the plan itself. Business owners have to consider their audience before they start writing the plan. If they are looking for investors, Margaret Kronfeld knows that they have to show them different things than if they are trying to recruit or bring in extra leadership. Kronfeld urges business leaders to present their business plans so that they show exactly the sort of information that their audience wants or needs to see. Kronfeld also warns against trying to spin every chink in the business plan’s armor into a strength. No business is perfect. If there was a failsafe business idea out there, chances are someone else has found it and they don’t need you to present it to them. Don’t oversell your business plan, be honest and stick to your selling points.

Margaret Kronfeld has seen much success driving business plans for the companies she has worked for.