When you find out your mom was cool
Jonas Ellison

Ahhh being a mother !

What a responsibility and all that multitasking for so many years and then we as mothers come out at the other end to recapture that youth, that energy, that depth of finding ourselves again if we have been lucky enough to survive the years.

This is where I am now at the other end of the spectrum with my 2 sons grown and independent. I am trying to find my place or maybe what I am looking at is repositioning of where I belong ….. yes at this stage I am allowed the luxury of choosing. Yet it is more a profound following of a pathway peppered with lots of life experiences which have sculpted every trait to make me what and who I am today. Am I cool ? So I have been told. Is it something I strive for …. not really it is just who I have become.

The other day my younger son and I are conversing and discussing my dating life … yes we talk about this. I am single and have been for awhile. He has watched me from afar and observed this transformation over the past few years of coming into my own and for all it’s worth he enjoys the change the energy and readjustment of an emerging vibrant life both inside and out. The thought arose and the prospective of being in the dating world and needing to be both cool and hot; yes both. He can handle the first but not the latter. I am his mother he states and I laugh and totally understand. He is learning and so am I. The cycle never ends and yet as a mother I have done my job and here I am learning and exchanging thoughts, information and ideas where we now teach each other. I have come full cycle with both my sons. They now teach me so much about life and what they learn from me; they understand that it is a never ending cycle of life. The roles are just slightly tweaked and we now give to each other as it should be.

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