I don’t want more. I want to go deeper.
Jonas Ellison

Going deeper ….

We are here to experience so many layers of life … happy moments… sad moments… periods in life that we will never have again … ultimate parenting ( the physical aspect – the wakings during the night and the supervisor periods of childhood which then evolve into more metaphysical and intellectual debates as the years progress.) Each phase has its moments and memories that take a piece of our time and lock us in to mementos that we wish we could freeze and stay in that space yet time moves on and does not allow us that luxury.

It happens to us all in every aspect of our lives. In wanting more, we think; yet what we really need is a sense of fulfillment. Yet we get so caught up with everyday life in these everyday moments.

Then, as if in waves come periods which actually transform our being into another realm of being. These periods float into our existence so unobtrusively. It is these times and for the most part we know what and where they are …that we need to take stalk and should allow us to sit in the depth of our space to soak us up into our souls. It is within those moments that we can take them deeper and allow ourselves that fleeing luxury to feel part of who we are, who we can be and grace our souls. These are the times to take heart, to stop, and to breath in and be present in that moment. These profound moments that change us, touch us and most importantly allow us to understand ourselves just a tad better which in turn nurtures ourselves. The depth of a life fulfilled and fine tuned where we experience and touch who we really are and what is important to us. Living with depth and meaning produces fulfillment, contentment and above all a sense of peace which then permeates and floods our existence.