Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For
Michael Mark Cohen

I don’t think so….as your exact opposite, an old, PhD, bi-racial, Lesbian, Buddhist, counselor your douche bag suggestion is offensive and outrageous to women. What exactly is offensive about a douche? Other than it is just one more example of using the feminine to insult men…you run, throw, fight, cry like a girl, you’re his bitch, you’re a real boob, you’re pussy whipped etc. Feel free to add to the list…

You are correct in saying there is no insult to white men of privilege, of course not, they are at the pinnacle of the patriarchy, they are the ones who get to decide what everything is named. If you really want to insult them you have to attack their only insecure vulnerability, their penises. Tiny weenie. Nothing else matters to them. And interestingly enough, nothing another white privileged male like yourself would suggest.

Once again a white privileged male suggests to insult other white privileged males call them something female. There is nothing inherently offensive about a douche, a hygienic female procedure, but for some reason unknown to me, chauvinistic males are offended by menstruation, normal healthy female smells (the antidote: feminine hygiene sprays), female pubic hair (the solution: the bikini wax) and something as mundane as a washing sperm out of a vagina (a douche!). One has to ask why it it offensive if what they are washing out is something the men put in there in the first place? Insult the most revered part of the male anatomy, something they really care about and would actually be insulted by, something you failed to suggest. Little too close to home, I suspect.

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