How I became a target of the alt-right
Arrington de dionyso

I also hope things will get better, but now that Trump has been elected by the five only states that count and make a mockery of the old statement by politicians: “every vote counts”. Apparently that is a falsehood, too. You can already note the change in republicans rhetoric. They are justifying their acceptance with statements like, “Give him a chance” and “He doesn’t really mean all he says”. These are the beginning of a future of “just this time” or “We will be able to control him in the future”. He has already started the future and if the electoral college does nothing about him, we will become a nation of white nationalists. We will report our neighbors and justify our actions with “Everybody does it”. That will be the downfall of our nation. We will be poorer in the future than we are now. This time will go down in history as our most shameful and God will have no mercy for us because we won’t deserve it.

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