Presenting at 360|AnDev

A few days ago I presented a talk Making Android Apps with Intelligence at 360|AnDev, the first Android conference in Denver.

I submitted a talk proposal for another topic back in February but I didn’t submit this one till the evening of the call for paper deadline on April 29. I was very happy that I did! The selection was highly competitive with only about 14% of the proposals accepted. I felt very honored to be part of this amazing lineup of speakers.

protip Submit more than one talk to a conference and chose a topic you feel passionate about.

360|AnDev gave away 2 free tickets to each GDG (Google Developers Group) chapter. I requested two free tickets for GDG Seattle, which I raffled off during our June meetup I/O Show & Tell. 360|AnDev also generously paid for my flight and hotel.

Day 1 Thursday July 29

Chet Haase and Romain Guy kicked off the conference with keynote “U and I” where they each shared their obsessions: animation and colors.

There were two concurrent sessions running at a given time slot so it was much easier to make a decision to choose one to attend. Since all sessions are recorded, it also makes it easy to catch up later. The two conference rooms were right next to each other which means we didn’t have to run all over the place to look for a session. I also liked it that the conference is right at the hotel so there is no long commute in between.

Day 1 lunch was outdoors at Civic Center eats, a large food truck gathering. Kristin, Stacey and I went to lunch together. Later I realized that Kristin is one of the authors of Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, one of my favorite Android books.

protip Speaking at a conference is a great way to teach, learn and network.

In the evening we went to the after-hour social at Tap 14, sponsored by Facebook. I stayed till 8pm then returned to the hotel to prepare for my talk. I have been doing research on the subject for over two months now, and actively preparing for over two weeks. There was still so much to be done!

Day 2 Friday July 29

Kelly Shuster kicked off day two with key note “android is for everyone”. She opened it with an interesting story of a museum with a cool architecture but wasn’t designed with their users in mind. It was a great transition into the topic of accessibility.

protip Storytelling is a powerful way to engage your audience.

My talk was immediately after Kelly’s keynote. It took me a few minutes to get set up without much issue. During the talk I did run into a slight network issue which I quickly recovered. I guess it was a nice reference later as I showed a demo that works offline. My talk had quite a few demos. Not all went perfectly but we all know live demos are risky. :) After my talk several attendees came to ask me questions. Later I kept running into people telling me how much they enjoyed my talk. I guess all the hard work was worth it!

Once my talk was over, I felt much more relaxed. While waiting in line to get lunch, I took a selfie with Yash and Kelly Shuster.

After lunch all the women speakers and a few attendees got a chance to take a group photo.

During lunch we watched Facebook’s presentation on mobile performance and video VR. In the afternoon, I went to get my portrait taken by a professional photographer upstairs, a perk offered to the speakers by the conference. The conference closed with a short talk by the organizers John, Chiu-Ki Chan and Dave Smith.

Overall 360|AnDev was a great experience. It was very well organized! It was fun to hangout with friends, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share my learnings with others.

If you were not able to attend 360|AnDev or missed a session, you can catch up with the slides here. Video recordings are expected to be added later.