The Internal Decision You Can Make That Will Change The World

It’s no secret that our society is off track — very off track. While there is no simple external solution to getting back on track, there is a simple — albeit not easy — internal solution.

My childhood was far from ideal and I’ve had much to overcome regarding trauma. But there is one thing I’m extremely grateful for that I learned from my father.

My father was a salt-of-the earth kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back. While he eventually did well financially, he was never more motivated by money than by kindness. I learned early that caring about our fellow human beings — regardless of race, religion, gender, looks or financial status — was far more important than money or power over others.

Which Are You Choosing: Controlling Others or Being Caring and Kind to Yourself and to Others?

Like many of you, I am deeply dismayed by the overt lack of caring and kindness in our current administration and with many of the people serving in Congress. Did I say serving? Many of them seem to have forgotten that they are there to serve the common good rather than to be self-serving and self-absorbed. It’s obvious that, for our president and for many of our congressmen and women, money and control over others have a much higher priority than caring, kindness and concern for the highest good of all.

While we do have some say by the way we vote, there is another way each of us can begin to get our planet back on track.

In any given moment, we each get to choose our intention — our highest priority — and there are actually only two choices:

· To protect ourselves against that which we fear with some form of controlling behavior

· To open our heart to learning about what is most caring and kind to ourselves and to others, choosing love as our guiding light

Our ability to choose what is most important to us is the essence of free will. We each have the free will to chose who we want to be, moment-by-moment.

Are you choosing your behavior based on fear or on love? Are you allowing your fears — of rejection, failure, humiliation, being wrong, being controlled by others, losing something — to determine your choices, or are you focused on kindness and caring toward yourself and others and supporting your own highest good and the highest good of all?

I strive to make love, caring and kindness my highest priority, even when I’m triggered into fear or anger. We would hope that the president of our beautiful country would be a role model for this choice, but sadly, this isn’t the case. In fact, his unkind and controlling behavior is giving permission to others to be unkind and controlling.

We CAN change all this from the inside out. If we each focus on our own intention and choose caring and kindness moment-by-moment, toward both ourselves and others, we CAN change the world. Peace does begin with me.

Here’s How…

Rather than continuing to operate on automatic and act out with anger, violence, blame, threats, compliance, withdrawal or resistance — which are common forms of controlling behavior — start training yourself to become conscious of your moment of choice. Practice learning to take a breath — a sacred pause — before reacting to others’ unloving behavior. By practicing taking a breath, you give yourself the necessary moment to make a proactive rather than a reactive choice.

Not only will this improve all your relationships, it will contribute the energy of caring and kindness to the collective consciousness of our planet. When enough of us are choosing caring and kindness and allowing love to be our guiding light, there will be a global shift that will change everything.

Our internal shift will create the external shift that is so needed on our planet.

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