Download Greenify APK & Its Uses

Download Greenify APK is an application which permits the user to hibernate any application which runs in the background of the user’s android device in order to save up battery power when the device is not being used. Hibernating an application means putting it out of service while not being used actively used. In other words, it means that applications which are hibernated will completely become static which means that they will not consume battery power as long as they are not started actively and brought into the foreground. As a result of this, applications which include instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, Viber and alarms should not be hibernated. However, other applications which do not run in the foreground and do not really provide you with any use except for consumption of battery can be set to hibernate. Download Greenify APK is a useful application for saving battery power. Unlike other applications which permit the user to “kill off” apps, Download Greenify APK helps users to go back to using applications simply by just starting them up.

With Download Greenify APK, a device cannot either slow down or get battery hungry even after many applications have been installed since, it has been designed to run smoothly and to last longer just as it did on day one. The application helps in identifying and putting the applications which misbehave into hibernation when not being used in order to prevent them from slowing down and draining the battery.

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How Does Download Greenify APK Work?

Nothing will happen just because you open the Download Greenify APK application and select the “Hibernate” option. You need to first make a list of applications which you want to blacklist or silence once you begin the process. In order to do so, you need the select the cross icon which appears on the upper right section of the screen and then select the required applications. The Download Greenify APK application itself will group those which it regards as the most damaging while open in the background. Once you have made the selections, you need to select Accept and once done, you are ready to go with. However, to be able to proceed to the process of hibernating, permission needs to be granted to the Download Greenify APK application so that the permission levels of third party applications can be modified and you will be notified about while browsing the program. Until early 2014, Download Greenify APK was capable of running even on devices which were not rooted. However, there is still an obstacle for those devices which are not rooted since the completely automated hibernate mode works only with root and such devices will have to go ahead with the manual method each time it is required to clear the processes.

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