How Can You Jailbreak iPhone X?

The Apple iPhone X was released to commemorate the Apple Company’s 10th anniversary. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook regards the new iPhone X as the biggest leap since the release of the original iPhone. The screen covers up nearly the phone’s entire front panel is made out of stainless steel (surgical grade) with glass being used on the rear panel. The iPhone X comes in the colours space grey and silver and is also regarded as water and dust resistant. The design of the iPhone X is easy to understand however, the Home feature is represented by a Swipe up, a tap on the screen to wake the phone up or a raise-to-wake gesture instead of a physical Home button in the front. The Siri feature continues to be activated either through voice, a side button of multifunction or simply by making a double tap on the side sleep or wake key which activates Apple Pay.

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Jailbreak iPhone X as well as iOS 11 jailbreak are both in stages of development. However, users will be capable of installing jailbreak applications. Keen Labs have been responsible for jailbreaking the iOS 11 developer beta 2 version. They have been successful in demonstrating iOS 11 beta 2 as well as iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 versions. A release date for this particular jailbreak has not been decided yet. However, a jailbreak is expected immediately after the release of iPhone X and iOS 11. The jailbreaking tweak developers have made an announcement that they are on the working stages of coming up with a jailbreaking tool for iOS 11. The team goes by the code name of Tigris and have planned to release a semi tethered jailbreak application for iOS 11 64 bit running devices. This clearly means that iPhone X is included in their list of devices. According to Antique_Dev, another tweak developer a release date for this jailbreak has not yet been confirmed. However a stable jailbreak tool made with knowledge in C++ and Objective C has been planned for release.

The reason many users are concerned about jailbreaking their iDevices despite them performing well has been so that they can change the device according their will and to also have access to additional features. Users might feel stuck in the stock iOS when they are unable to make changes in the stock icons, unable to record calls and cannot do anything which the Apple Company may not want you to do. As suggested by the name “Jailbreaking” is the technique of getting rid of the stock iOS limitations and enjoying unlimited access to a user’s iOS system.

Advantages of Jailbreak iPhone X

You can use alternative apps instead of stock iOS apps

Applications which are not available on the Apple App Store can be installed

You can customize according to your choice with the use of system tweaks and custom themes

Privileged access is provided to iOS system files

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