Hello World!

My name is Margarida and I’m a user experience designer based in Porto, Portugal.

I’m a compulsive reader, I use Feedly to read all my favourite blogs new posts and my Pocket is stuffed with cool articles that I read whenever I can. There is so much to learn, that the list of articles never ends! Besides, I love to share links that I find interesting mostly on twitter (@meninagui).

So, what do I like to read about?
I love what I do for living, so I read a lot (I mean, really, a lot!) about user experience. My favourite topics are user research and usability testing, although I also read a lot about strategy and collaborative work.
I’m very curious about the human nature and mind, so I tend to be interested in human factors articles and books.
I’m a yogi and I enjoy everything related to self-development and mindfulness.
Last but not least, I’m a feminist and I like to be informed about women rights around the world, women in technology and women achievements in general.

That being said, I decided to recover a long-time love that is writing. 140 characters are not enough anymore!

So what can you expect in this space?
I’ll be sharing and commenting interesting links, work from other people or use it as a starting point to talk about a particular topic.

Spoiler: Next post will be about Empathy, specially Practical Empathy from Indi Young.

Hope you like it!

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