Dear Runners, Why are you spending so much with equipment and not with knowledge?

When I was younger I had two types of clothes. Type 1 were the ones I used on my daily routine and type 2, the ones I used to play or to do sports class. Type 2 clothes were always the most depressing thing I could wear. The t-shirts came from random events and most of them had some king of advertisement and the pants were a hot mess of patches. At that time, people would exercise with their worst outfit. Nobody cared about the brand, the color pattern, the shoe sole material or the dimension of the watch on the wrist. Crazy old days when people would just put their muddy running shoes on and go for a run.

Times have changed and runners look like models showing off their fancy outfits and gadgets on the runway and the industry is loving it. Week after week we are invaded by shoes with a new ultralight technology, clothes with innovative fabrics and watches with advanced running dynamic functions but why are we buying those things if we have no idea how we can use them to improve our performance? I totally understand that people want to look good, I’m also a victim of all this fashion brand madness. However, when it comes to sports, specialized training and technical know-how play the ultimate role for a great performance and if you think you’ll get that knowledge from all those commercial magazines with miraculous advices… you’re a fool!

If you are sick, you go to the doctor. If you need to resolve a financial issue, you go to the accountant. People study and devote themselves to certain areas to become experts. Still, most of the amateur runners look for recommendations from journalists who write Tough Treadmill Workouts That Will Kick Your Ass and from Instagram superstars that share the “best detox juice for your marathon”.

Displeased with the commercial web developed around running, Run4Excellence had the audacity to invest in a publishing project. After finding a solid group of elite athletes and a large set of amateur runners, willing to build a well-defined and personalized training plan, we felt it would make sense to combine the work we are developing with the expertise of renowned coaches and share those contents with everyone who is passionate about running.

INSIDE — Running as a Lifestyle ( ), is the result of a strong desire to break down established barriers. We have been seeking to connect running with different knowledge areas while adding the highest possible value through premium material on its content, papers and design. Ultimately, we would like to contribute to enrich the running community with a publication that stands out from the existing ones. One year after the first publication and 4 numbers later we fight every day to share our strength training suggestions, the interviews of great investigators as Jack Daniels and Andrew Jones, the work of amazing artists who find in running a great inspiration for their art and the biography of legendary athletes, with you. Running lovers, this is a piece of knowledge, totally prepared with high quality content and ready to help you with your running path.

Don’t be known by the shoes you wear! Had some quality to your practice.