This is a real life story. It is about dreams, passion, traveling, seek for a change, sometimes fear, adventures, challenges and courage… and how you can manage all this without regretting a decision.

The UX Desigener

Little in size, sensitive, woman, born in a demanding family and really lucky, cause these factors made her at today’s date a great, strong, and determined professional with a meaningful position in her career of User Experience Designer. :)

There are efforts to be done everyday… but you should do them too… the efforts you are do today determine your success tomorrow. …

Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Google, AirBnB, Linked-in and Uber are just a few names featuring at the top of the “aquatic ecosystem” of economic platforms.

They are all found in different industries (e.g. social media, search engines, application stores)or business models (e.g. paid, subscription, advertising, freemium), but one thing they all have in common: they are shaping and driving a new era of digital disruption that breaks down with the traditional business models.

A practical guide to design effective dashboards

I’ve been exclusively designing products for enterprise for the past three years. I helped envisioning and designing +20 enterprise products for customers across the globe and from a diverse range of businesses.

Something keeps coming back from the Business, it’s the obsession for Dashboards and the demand of prioritisation in the project scope.

In fact, I’ve been noticing that the term dashboard is “used and abused” by many so I decided to write this article to try and raise awareness of what is a dashboard and what is not, and and talk about effective dashboards.

If we look back, the…

In this article I describe what is social innovation, some key/defining characteristics of social innovations and at the end, the LRA Crisis Tracker an example of a social innovation.

Social innovations are adopted and diffused ideas (products, services practices or management models) that serve to improve people’s lives and create value or financial distribution to primarily benefit the society as a whole rather than private individuals.

Social innovation starts from the awareness of human needs not being met, as a reaction to the pressures resulting from significant unsatisfied needs or “condition of necessities”. …

Part of our training program for internal staff and OutSystems partners, we are putting together a series of workshops, webinars and articles that have been quite successful and fun.

With “Wireframing Made Easy” we would like to encourage you to start your projects from simply sketching on a piece of paper, to laying out more refined structures — wireframes — and all the way up to creating interactive prototypes enabled with InVision.

Wireframes are really easy and can be very impactful when you are sharing your ideas with the project stakeholders or team members.

Here are the topics that we…

I was challenged by Taneli Heinonen, Deep Costumer Insights tutor from Service Innovation and Design Master at Laurea, to write a reflection on the key insights from this talk by Mikkel Rasmussen and this talk by Christian Madsbjerg, writers of Moment of Clarity — a very good read published by Harvard Business Review that examines the business world’s assumptions about human behaviour and shows how these assumptions can lead businesses to take bad decisions.

The following is what I’ve learned from these articles.

The best ideas come from observation and understanding human needs.

Basically, we can’t make assumptions about human behaviour. Our assumptions are often dictated by our personal context…

Summary: Using a co-creative process, Design Thinking helps organisations to build on unmet user needs and create value from user insights.

Before I started my Service Innovation and Design (SID) studies and went through the Design Thinking masterclass hosted by Professor Katja, I never realised how much published content such as books, reports and essays existed on the subject of Design Thinking (DT).

Design Thinking is a framework for how to come up with ideas — loads of them at the beginning all way until refining and develop to prototype the bests ones. …

A few months ago I delivered a series of workshops to help make project managers, technical leads and developers more aware of what the UX process is all about. The objective was to enable them to become more autonomous for those moments when they don’t have the help of a User Experience Expert.

We know we can come in handy when the going gets tough, but there are some times when we’re just not around. So we came up with this idea for a very hands-on workshop on how to create wireframes.

Now, we obviously didn’t jump right into creating…

Margarida da Marça

Design Practise and Team Lead at OutSystems Finland

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