Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt and hoped to live in the ocean. There were many times when I asked the universe why I hadn’t been born a fish, a turtle, a dolphin, or any other marine animal. My weekends were spent sitting where the waves kissed the sand, traveling back and forth from the mainland of Puerto Rico to Caja de Muertos.

Most people don’t completely understand the beauty and the danger that lies beneath the surface. They go to the beach, go out fishing, go out sailing, or merely glance at it in a picture or on their iPhone. My connection to it stretches from the emotional to actual physical ties. It has taken me on adventures I could never have imagined. Between box jellyfish stings, learning to lead race committees for regattas, and casual beach dates with my trustful sidekick, Maki, I have grown to actually -need- the ocean.

I won’t claim to be the first, or the last, person to make the analogy that life is like an ocean. John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Ghandi, Rachel Carson, just to list a few, have described it way better than I could ever dream to, but my experience with the ocean has come to the point where it is a part of me. Without it, I’m lost.

Coming soon, I will be launching a blog as my way of expressing every detail of my life as a sea lover. I hope those who don’t see the magic of the ocean can begin to see it through my eyes and understand how truly powerful it is. Thanks to everyone who is already supporting my new, salty adventure.

Diana Margarita

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