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The coolest thing about Asian mail order brides is that they are different — it’s impossible to say that 100% of single Asian women for marriage are like this, like that, or like so.

But before we start talking about Asian singles, take a look at these Asian dating sites with thousands of beautiful Asian mail order brides — choose any of them and start chatting with charming Asian singles today!

  • ❤️ Success Rate: ~79%
  • 🌏Popular Asian countries with brides: Philippines, Japan, Vietnam
  • 💰 Average cost of Asian bride: $2,500 — $7,050
  • Average age of Asian bride: 23.4 y.o.
  • 💌 Best Asian mail order bride site: SakuraDate
  • 💑 Best Asian dating site: NaomiDate
  • 💔 Average divorce rate: ~22%

My thought about Asian brides sites

There are lots of dating sites where you can meet an Asian girl. However, the main problem with these platforms is that it’s pretty difficult for an average user to understand which ones are worth their money and which ones are not.

I tested more than 30 websites with Asian brides and I can safely say that only 1 out of 3 of them is at least worth trying. 2 out of 3, in turn, have various problems — from poor reputation, inconvenient messaging tools, and lack of search filters to a large amount of fake users and poor quality of profiles.

There are some good Asian dating sites, though. I’d like to pay special attention to these two platforms:

  • SakuraDate — an advanced dating service with tens of thousands of Asian brides. This website has a great reputation, its interface is intuitive, its messaging tools are convenient, and it also has a lot of ID-verified profiles.
  • NaomiDate — a simple dating site with lots of mail order Asian brides. It’s reputable, convenient, and easy-to-use — but its main advantage is the quality of profiles of Asian women. They are very detailed and active (the response rate is pretty high here).

Asian mail order brides — who are these women?

More photos on SakuraDate

Asian mail order brides are Asian ladies who want to find a foreign husband online. Most of them are in their 20s and 30s and most of them have serious intentions — they are searching for a serious and long-term relationship.

Asia is the most popular region in the world when it comes to the number of K-1 visas and mail order brides — and there are at least 3 reasons why Asian brides are so popular.

  • They are incredibly beautiful. Asian women are often considered “exotic” but we don’t want to use such words here. What we can safely say is that Asian ladies are generally very attractive — they are usually petite, they are often fit and slim because of genetics and their diets, they know a lot about makeup (Korean makeup is extremely popular), and they are very feminine which makes them even more beautiful.
  • They are pretty traditional when it comes to their lifestyles and values. Thus, according to a 2020 study by Collage Group, only 29% of Asians in the US want to live an alternative lifestyle — alternative from what their families and relatives expect them to live (education, financial stability, marriage, children, etc). For Hispanic and Black people, for instance, these numbers are 46% and 40% respectively.
  • Asian girls love dating foreigners, especially Western men. We will talk about it in more detail a little bit later, but the fact is that Asia is the most popular mail order bride region in the world — Asian women are very open-minded and have no prejudice against dating foreigners.

Where to find an Asian bride?

In most cases, having an Asian wife means having a devoted, caring, and loving partner — but there are lots of things that vary between Asian girls for marriage from different countries.

There are two ways to find an Asian woman online, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s consider both methods.

  1. Offline search. This method is attractive because it is possible to go to the country and meet many girls immediately. But this method has many more cons: such tours are expensive, most serious girls do not want to participate in such castings, there is no time to get to know the girl better.
  2. Online search. Dating sites no longer surprise anyone, but when searching for a wife, it is better to use specialized sites for finding a bride, significantly an Asian bride. The choice of brides is vast and cannot be compared with offline searches, and this method does not require much time or money.

How to get an Asian wife online?

There are many ways to get acquainted and get an Asian bride, but the most rational and profitable is communication on sites with mail order brides. Thus, we suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Read reviews. And compare several sites for dating Asian girls. Choose the ones that suit you best in terms of features and pricing.
  2. Create profiles on dating sites. We recommend posting as many photos with a positive vibe as possible. Add a video and a self-description to your profile if the site offers this option. Asian girls need to see that you are a bright and attractive man and have a lot to offer them.
  3. Prepare a list of essential qualities for your future Asian bride. Use these qualities to customize your search filters and choose the right Asian wife for you. Browse profiles and ask relevant questions to see how much you match an Asian wife.
  4. Maintain active communication with two or three Asian women. It is the optimal number to avoid losing focus and diversifying risks. Keep in touch with the help of signs of attention: virtual and real gifts. We guarantee that this will impress the Asian mail order bride, and she will be much more pleased to wait for a meeting.

These are simple steps, but they will help you quickly find an Asian wife. Just follow the algorithm, and you will find your happiness very soon.

What Asian country to choose?

If you’re searching for that “classic” Asian mail order wives who have that traditional views on family roles, you need to focus on Southeast Asia — Asian wives from:

  • Thailand. Thai mail order brides grow up in very patriarchal traditions from childhood. They obey their father as well as their brothers. Traditionally, women do not have property rights in families but are entitled to the care and protection of men.
  • Vietnam. Vietnamese women are virgins when they get married and never file for divorce.
  • Philippines. Filipino mail order brides have the softest, most calm, and easy-going nature compared to other Asian ladies. They are suitable for marriage as well as relationships and friendships.

The girls from East Asia (Japan, South Korea, China) are typically quite modern when it comes to their views on gender and family roles.

They are more Westernized than the girls from South and Southeast Asia, and they are typically more hard-working and better educated than them.

At the same time, they are usually more demanding than their counterparts from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?

Understanding the costs of dating an Asian bride is essential to putting the plan into action.

Just in case, we want to note that it is impossible to buy an Asian bride in the literal sense. Slavery was abolished long ago, and normal human relations came into force.

Obviously, it’s not like you can visit a website and buy an Asian mail order wife. This whole process is very similar to online dating — you chat with an Asian bride, then you arrange a date, meet her in her home country, and if you two fall for each other, you marry her, that’s all.

What Asian bride price includes?

If you are planning a date with an Asian lady, you have to consider various costs. Dating a girl from another continent can’t be cheap, but it’s worth the investment.

  • Expenses for online dating sites: Advanced communication features, real and virtual gifts, premium profiles. Depending on the payment policy of international dating websites, the amount can be 1–2 thousand dollars.
  • Transportation costs: Tickets, hotels, transport (2–3 thousand dollars).
  • Entertainment expenses: Visits to spas, museums, restaurants, gifts, and flowers for a girl (200–300 dollars).
  • Visa costs: They will be needed at the stage when the girl arrives in your country. The payment of fees is about 600 dollars.
  • Adaptation costs: Payment of expenses on the green card, tickets, luggage transportation. In general, you may need about 10 thousand dollars.

✈️ The cost of traveling to Asian countries

The table below will find the cost of dating Asian girls depending on the country. We calculated the prices by considering that you will be going to the capitals of these countries. Still, you can also optimize the cost by removing some expenses and going to less expensive cities.

💸 The cost of online dating with Asian brides

The cost of sites is another additional expense item that needs to be considered.

We offer to compare the price per 10 minute chat of popular sites and choose the appropriate payment policy for yourself:

  • EasternHoneys — $4
  • TheLuckyDate — $3
  • CuteAsianWoman — $3,9

In general, dating an Asian bride can cost you around $7,000. The good thing is that all costs are distributed gradually, and you can also optimize some items as you wish.

Why do Asian women look for foreign husbands?

The number of Asian brides is extremely high — in 2019, for example, more than 15,000 Asian women entered the US on a K-1 visa and got married to American men. You already know why Asian women are so popular — but what makes them look for foreign husbands and why do they want to find a partner from the US/UK/Canada? The answers are right here.

  • Economic reasons: Asia is not the most developed region in the world. More than 320,000,000 people in Asia live on less than $1.9 a day, for example — of course, most mail order brides you’ll meet on dating sites are not struggling to survive, but you can’t deny that the quality of life is lower in most Asian countries than in the United States. Obviously, lots of young, educated, and beautiful Asian women want to get a better life for both themselves and their families — that’s why they start looking for foreign partners.
  • Socioeconomic reasons (in Southeast Asia): It’s simple — economic problems can contribute to an uptick in domestic violence which, when combined with traditional Southeast Asian societies, can make it difficult for modern, young Asian women to enjoy their lives there.
  • In East Asia, it’s also about socioeconomic reasons: Korean society, for example, is highly competitive in every aspect of life, from education to family life — and highly dominated by stress. Japanese and Korean societies have certain problems which often result in many young men giving up on marriage and kids — such neologisms as Sampo Generation (Korea) and Satori Generation (Japan) are the most well-known examples of this. Young, beautiful, and marriage-minded Asian girls from these countries often see no other option but to start dating foreign men who have serious intentions.

These are not all the reasons for Asian girls to become “foreign Asian brides”, of course. Some of them want to meet foreigners because they just want to try something new, the others dream of living in the US because of certain stereotypes, etc.

But the three above-mentioned reasons are the most common ones when it comes to Asian wives.

Myth about Asian mail order brides

Let’s talk about the most common myths about Asian brides — we are sure you’ve probably heard at least a few of them. It’s time to debunk them.

❌ False: Asian women prefer to be stay at home wives and mothers

This myth might have something in common with traditional values in some Asian societies where the female role can be described as housewife, mother, lady of the house, etc.

This is true — to some extent — but the fact that can’t be denied is that Asian mail order brides typically work even more than American women! What we’re talking about is the “female participation rate in labor force” — for example, in the United States, 55% of women are either working or looking for work actively.

In Asia, the percentage is generally higher — for example, in China, it’s 61% and in Vietnam, almost 70% of women participate in the workforce.

❌ False: Asian wives have a lot of children

This was true a few decades ago, but not anymore. According to the latest statistics available, the TFR (total fertility rate, births per woman) in most Asian countries is around 1.5–2.0 with only a few fluctuations like Korea (0.84) and Kazakhstan (3.13).

An average Asian woman wants as many children as an average American woman (the TFR in the US is 1.64).

❌ False: Asian women are uneducated

This isn’t the most common myth, but we heard it a few times — some Western people are sure that Asian women don’t go to colleges and universities.

Well, this is simply not true — while in some countries, women are disadvantaged when it comes to enrollment ratio for tertiary education, in most Asian countries, more women participate in tertiary education than men.

How to avoid Asian mail order bride scam?

If you’re going to marry Asian bride, you need to read the following text first. The point is, dating Asian women online may be dangerous because of so-called romance scammers — scammers who pretend to be foreign women in order to steal money from Western men. In 2021, 24,000 Americans lost approximately $1 billion to romance scams, so this problem is very critical. Here, we’ll tell you the top 3 scams you should be aware of while chatting with Asian brides online.

  • Fake dating sites: Some fake platforms pretend to look like real dating sites with Asian brides — they have a lot of profiles of beautiful girls, but in reality, it’s the website’s team that sends you messages and photos. The victims might waste money for years until they realize something is wrong with that hot Asian woman who sends exactly the same messages the previous one sent.
  • Blackmail: You chat with Korean, Filipino, or Chinese girls and send them, you know, pictures and videos or tell them something personal about your life, friends, or job. Then, they start blackmailing you. This isn’t the most common type of scam, but you still should be aware of it because it might be too expensive to buy the silence of a scammer.
  • “Traditional” romance scam: What we’re talking about here is the most common type of romance/dating scam — you chat with that Asian beauty and suddenly, she tells you a story about her problems (which can be fixed if you send her a few hundreds of dollars right now). There’s nothing to add here — if a cute Asian woman you met on a dating platform wants you to send her money, it’s surely a scammer.

How not to get scammed? The safety rules are simple: always choose the best Asian dating site with no fake profiles, never send money to your Asian girlfriend, and be careful about what you are talking with hot Asian girls about.

We understand these rules might look pretty obvious and you may say something like “it’s obvious that you can’t send money to Asian brides”. Well, if everyone knew them, 24,000 Americans wouldn’t lose their money in 2021.

So just follow these rules, be cautious, and always believe your gut feeling.

Why do Asian women become mail order bride

Asian brides are one of the most popular mail order brides. They start looking for foreign men for various reasons, such as:

  • Asian brides love the stability and confidence of Western men. It’s no secret that the representatives of Asian countries are family-oriented from childhood, and they see in American men the solid wall they can lean on throughout their lives.
  • Divorced Asian brides are not able to find a man in their country. In most Asian countries, society has a very negative attitude towards divorce, so if a man terminates the marriage for some reason, no one needs her in the eyes of society. Local hot Asian ladies have no choice but to seek their happiness abroad.
  • Cultural enrichment with your Asian wife. Asian culture is so vast and unusual that you will be interested to learn it all your life. You will be able to visit lovely places on its continent and be inspired by the beauty of outfits and family traditions’ wisdom. Children brought up in a multicultural environment will learn several languages at once and absorb the best from both cultures at once.

My final thought about Asian Brides

This guide has introduced you to everything you need to know to marry a girl from an Asian country. You got acquainted with the dating traditions of Asian nations find out information about the legitimacy of mail order bride websites and why most Asian brides are looking for foreign men. We also told you about the process of adapting your future order Asian bride. Now you have everything to meet Asian women and choose one of them.

Asian Brides FAQs

Is it possible to buy an Asian wife?

Asian women are very attractive, but you need to keep your mind. In no case should you buy an Asian mail order wife. American laws and universal human values prohibit it. The only cultural nuance that might raise such a question is that a bride price is provided for an Asian bride in some countries. It is a symbolic cultural feature that does not mean that a woman is a thing and can be bought and used at will.

Are Asian mail order brides legit?

Fortunately, there are no longer borders between countries in the modern world, and you can meet girls from different continents and, of course, this is absolutely legal. Mail order Asian brides come to a dating site to get acquainted, find love, and get married. As long as you follow this standard process and act legally, everything is fine from the point of the law. It would help if you also understood that there are two visas for your Asian girlfriend to immigrate: K-1 and CR-1. That is, you can meet a girl in her country, a neutral country, or on a US tourist visa, but the marriage must be performed according to immigration laws.

Are Asian brides really that great?

Yes! These mail order brides are very beautiful, they are family-oriented, they love American men, and they can be both traditional and very modern. And — it’s even more important — it’s really easy to meet them on all those Asian mail order bride websites!

What is the best Asian mail order bride site?

Right now, there are dozens of good dating websites with hot Asian women. The best one, in our opinion, is Eastern Honeys — this site has a great reputation, tens of thousands of real Asian brides, very detailed profiles, and lots of premium features such as gift delivery.

Can you really find true love on Asian mail order bride sites?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is choose the best dating site with the best reputation — in this case, you won’t have to worry about fake profiles and scammers. Create a catchy profile, upload your best profiles, keep the conversation interesting, and you’ll find an Asian girlfriend easily.

How successful are Asian mail order bride sites?

There’s no information available on the success rate on these sites, unfortunately. What we can safely say is that there are lots of real people who met Asian females on mail order bride platforms and married them later. You can find your future wife on these sites, too!



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