Our 3 favorite tools for teamwork

How we gain time, collect feedback and collaborate efficiently thanks to Airtable, Slack and Zeplin.

When asked to pick sides Margaux, Pascal and John, always defend these 3 apps that make us gain heaps of time. Airtable, Slack and Zeplin help us collaborate effectively, organize our content and listen to our users — and yes, we also love them because they’re beautiful.

1. Airtable: our go-to place to collaborate on our app

Airtable is home to all our jobseeker advice

As a non-profit start-up creating digital public service to address unemployment in France, we face many challenges. One of them is to adapt our service to each situation. This means generating content about a wide range of topics, from finding the right job board to knowing which qualities to mention during an interview. We tried Airtable to build our first database of personalised suggestions and fell in love with it.

Whether we need to add an advice, collect a link or change the organization of the app, Airtable is our go-to place. It’s very easy: we can all jump in and work together at the same time. I can create my own view to work while our developers implement filters and algorithms, without stepping on each other’s toes.

Every day we chat with jobseekers to have their insight and improve Bob Emploi, the app we’re working on. It’s a very exciting part of the process but also a lot of work for a small team. To make things easier, our product manager created a small tool on Airtable to coordinate and share feedbacks easily. It took him just a few formulas. This flexibility is something I love about Airtable. And finally it is really user friendly, and when you spend long hours creating content a fun, colourful and clean interface can make quite a difference.

Margaux, Content Manager

2. Slack: how we stay connected to our users

Where we hear from our users

Every morning when I get to work, Slack is the first thing that I turn on. It’s how I know what happened while I was away, if anyone needs info and how I can ask questions to the team.

But in Slack we also get messages straight from the users. On www.bob-emploi.fr, everything is done to make it easy to leave feedback on the advice we give. Every time someone comments on the app, we get a message. And not just one of us, in charge of customer success, but the whole team: the designers, the engineers, the content team. We all know when someone has found a job thanks to us (yes!), is disappointed by the lack of relevant advice for people with a handicap (damn, we need to fix that!) or recommends an amazing jobboard for her sector (and we’ll add this straight into the product, thanks!). We cheer when we get a good number of five stars in a row, we complain when we don’t. This makes us very adaptable (and humble). This integration makes sure we stay 100% tuned to the users, and take their feedback into consideration.

Pascal, CTO

3. Zeplin: the design tool that gains us time each day

Chit-chatting about the design of the app

For us, Zeplin means much less dull work. Before Zeplin, translating a mock-up into code was a long process. Font, size, shadow, graphic elements, positions, colors: we had to write down and calculate everything. Zeplin automated that, becoming the missing element between Sketch and the HTML/CSS, between the design team and the developers. It allows us to get closer to pixel perfect.

Zeplin is a also a great place to discuss the app and its improvements. “Does it make sense?”, “Is it intuitive?”, “Should we word this like that?”, “Technically, how are we going to make that work?” Everyone has an overview of where we are and can ask questions on the mock-ups. I can give directions and ask people to collaborate on precise points. I love Zeplin for these easy interactions.

John, Designer

So… there is it, we opened our heart to you. That was our all-time favorites. What are yours? Tell us in the comments!