Shaved heads collection. I’m the one with no make up

Story of a girl’s head that decided to go naked

So yes, I got my head shaved two days ago. It is an extreme act, in a way, even if it could be seen just as an haircut; I got a lot of questions, insults and compliments from all around, which made me want to write this story.

The idea first came out because, while travelling, I got lice. I was in the middle of the countryside in Transilvania and I didn’t want to go all the way to the nearest pharmacy to buy the anti-lice shampoo. Maybe I could just shave it off, I thought. But it was too much for me, so finally I’ve chosen the “first world manner” and made hair masks with clay and vinegar. The insects disappeared very effectively but, unfortunately, they forgot to take with them the idea they created. That thought was stucked there, proud and stubborn.

I started picturing myself shaved -it was quite hard- and checking online pics of shaved women. I was so tempted, but I holded myself back with all kind of bullshit - “you don’t have the right head shape to do it” - “you probably have some orrible huge mole” - “you are not as beautiful as these women” - “you’re already weird, social life will be even harder, people will feel uncomfortable with you around”. I am sure that this post will reach girls who want to shave their head, and they are telling to theirself the same bullshit, thinking that I am brave. Of course people will call you “orrible” or “sick” and it doesn’t feel good so it’s better to be prepared; still, this choice has nothing to do with defiance, nor I want to show courage, or anything like that. So, let me point out my reasons:

REASON N.1 - THE COMFORT OF A MINIMALISTIC LIFE - I’ve been living one month in the Romanian countryside, where the lack of money and services brought me spontaneusly to a minimalistic and eco-friendy lifestyle, saving resources in general: often I had no electricity and just a little amount of water, from rain or wells. Now I can stop worring about having gross oily hair because it takes nothing to get it washed and dry.

REASON N.2 - MATTER HAS MEMORY, and hair is a recording tool for physical experiences. Drug abusers know it well: you can track the history of a body by analyzing a single hair. I think this is also true for feelings, and my hair were there last year, when I had zero respect for myself and I was into self harm practices and depression. I have nothing to hide about this: shit happens. I‘m living peacefully since quite a while, but still I felt like there was a need to symbolically cut with my negative memories.

Surprisingly, this choice is having a badass positive influence on me. So if who’s reading is a girl googling and wondering on blogs for indecision, let me tell you: just do it. You won’t regret, i promise.

THE FIRST UNEXPECTED BENEFIT OF BEING A SHAVED HEADED GIRL: The first unexpected benefit is that I see myself more “cozy” than ever, and I perceive people feeling this. What I see in the mirror is a sweet, peaceful being, who finally accepted herself and has really nothing to hide. The funny thing is that before shaving my head I really though “ok, I will start wearing make up again because I’ll need to balance my femininity”, but paradoxically now I feel more feminine than ever.

THE SECOND UNEXPECTED BENEFIT is about relationships. I noticed it from the very moment I did it: the people are having a better approach towards me, I guess it’s because I’m clearly not a judging kind of person. I’m starting having very honest and deep contacts that really make my day. So, go for it.

THE DARK SIDE OF BEING A SHAVED HEADED GIRL: People will misunderstand, think you’re looking for attention or you’re protesting against something. Every choice has its negative consequences, I guess. Some close people will feel ashamed and personally attacked. I had many reasons to become a shaved-headed woman, but provocation is not one of them.