Day Twenty-four

Swearing is good…

Anyone who knows my mother will tell you that if she’s giving you shit, she’s feeling good. Well, yesterday she told the nurse she was a pain in her ass! Woo hoo! As the evening progressed, Mom got sassier, giggling with us at one point. She hounded me about getting the Christmas gifts mailed, what was for dinner, all sorts of things. Today she says she wants to make cookies! What?

You just never know what to expect from day to day. Up and down, good and bad — it all evens out, I guess.

The doctor made a house call this evening to discuss hospice with us. He thinks it’s time. Mom agrees, so here we go, another change! I was very impressed by his explanation to her, especially his emphasis on the fact that this did not necessarily mean that she was going to die right away. She had already beaten the odds a couple of times. But going back into the hospital might be more stressful to her system than being at home. He made a lot of sense and I am so glad everyone is in agreement!

I heard a funny saying today. “The devil always shits in the same place.” How apropos! It certainly fits my situation lately!

But Angel Karen reminded me that “the sun shines on a dog’s ass” once in a while, so I guess we’ll be ok!