Clean Eating Day #10: Barrio Resistance

This week, a college friend was in town visiting her family and invited me to dinner with them at my absolute favorite restaurant in Cleveland, Barrio. For the unfamiliar, the concept is simple: build your own tacos. The ingredients are top-notch and it is impossible to make a bad creation. Also, everything is fresh and made in house so eating out here wasn’t too big of a challenge. The only thing I didn’t get that I normally would was sauce, and I refrained from the chips and salsa and alcoholic beverages. I should note that I had dinner at Barrio with the same friend a year ago around this time and she claimed she was giving up alcohol for lent. I had a feeling she was lying and was actually pregnant and it turned out that I was right! So when I told her I wasn’t drinking I had to give the full details of why so she didn’t assume the same thing about me.

Going into dinner, I was a little nervous and sad knowing that I had to hold back on the chips and couldn’t get the amazing aioli sauce on my tacos. But once I sat down I didn’t feel the urge to eat any chips, and not getting the sauce wasn’t really going to alter my order too much. When I do go back to being less restrictive, I already know that Barrio is one thing I won’t compromise. I like my order how I like it, the ingredients are still a million times better than anything at Taco Bell, and homemade tortilla chips aren’t going to kill me. However, I’m also realizing there are a lot of things I stopped eating in the last 10 days I can live without. Bread products are a big one. Unlike Oprah, I really think I could give up bread or only have it once in a blue moon and be completely fine with my choice. I haven’t missed it at all. I also think I can abstain from leftover food at the office. There’s no need for me to eat it when I already have food. It’s just mindless. However I do still think I will have office food when it’s part of a lunch for a meeting I’m attending.

All in all, I’m feeling lighter, I seem to have more focus in my day and am embracing a bit of pride in sticking to something like this for as long as I have. My planned second planned cheat day is Friday when I take on one of the best perch dinners in town at Sokolowskis, but then it’s back in business.