Marg Kronfeld — Grow Your Social Media Audience

Marg Kronfeld is the company director of the Auckland, New Zealand, business known as BK Enterprises. She has worked with the company since 2008 and she manages many aspects of the operation. Social media is one of Marg Kronfeld’s specialties and, by growing BK Enterprises’ social media audience, she has contributed to its overall improvement. If you’d like to do the same with your company, the tips below will help you get started.

Create a Strong Profile

The basis of any positive social media presence is a strong profile and page. This means using professional, branded images for cover photos, profile pictures and any other visual media. Additionally, all details will need to be filled out in whatever manner the website allows. This means including relevant contact information and linking to other accounts with each one.

Share High-Quality Content

Sharing quality content and updates will begin building your audience. Link to relevant infographics, videos, podcasts, presentations and other media content that you think your customers will enjoy. It’s also important to share original content pertaining to your business, but ensure that it is grammatically-correct and informative.

Link to Your Social Accounts

Any media that your customers can see should link to your social media accounts. For example, include buttons at the top of your website that lead to each social media account and include your account screen names on all business cards.

When seasoned professionals like Marg Kronfeld manage social media, they spend hours researching the best tactics for their business’s niche. If you do the same, you’ll greatly improve your chance of success.