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Marg Kronfeld is currently serving as the Company Director for the automotive company operating in Auckland, New Zealand called BK Enterprises. The company specializes in servicing, financing, and selling Hyundai, Isuzu, and Renault motor vehicles. She has always been known to take her professional future seriously, and she prepared as hard as she could. She has a Business Management diploma from the Auckland University of Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Massey University. She is known for her leadership skills within the company, and motivating her team to achieve common goals.

Marg Kronfeld is nothing short of a successful team leader. She is dedicated to her current career in the automotive industry, and she can ensure that her team works hard in order to achieve common goals for the benefit of the company. She understands what it means to be a leader, and she has advice for others in the field.

The first thing to remember when being a team leader is trust. A leader is only as solid as the trust that exists between employee and boss. As a team leader, you are in charge of a group of people that need to take direction from you in order to be successful. Make sure your team trusts your professional judgment.

The next thing to remember when working as a team leader is motivation. Your team needs to be motivated in order to work together for the benefit of the company as a whole. If they aren’t motivated, they won’t be trying their best to work with you and the other team members.

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