I agree with the points made above- it’s great to have options, to do what you enjoy and create a…
Fran Thring

Fran Thring I completely agree with you on this point.

Context matters. And you are correct that I am speaking to a largely American and prosperous audience on this point (not necessarily financial, but also prosperity in terms of abundant opportunity and access).

“Sometimes a job isn’t about following a dream or “changing the world” it’s about making enough to survive, commitment and tenacity.” Correct, I would agree with you on this point.

I’m glad you brought this up because I want to make it clear that shaming anyone who takes a job to support their family is wrong — as you say, this act is honorable.

This desire to “change the world” is a product of prosperity — of having transitioned from “surviving” to “thriving.” Most millennials who feel this desire to do “more” with their life are reacting to a life of plenty. Which is a good thing.

“We don’t always know the full story behind people’s desk job vocations.” Well said. Thanks for the comment.

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