How to Create an Effective Sales Pitch

Margo Prylypska
Sep 27, 2018 · 4 min read

For a business to flourish, it needs to have a compelling business marketing plan. A business marketing plan is any strategy that gets the attention of your prospect clients. Some business managers consider making print ads, TV commercial or On-air infomercials so that they can be heard; they are pitching their sales.

Now, what is a sales pitch? A sales pitch is a script that informs clients on what the product is all about. It tells them the many things that they can expect from a particular product or service. Since most of these marketing media are limiting, it also follows that your sales pitch should be brief and concise. When opening a sales conversation, a good sales pitch is usually the best approach to use with a potential new customer.

Why a Sales Pitch Is Important

Getting customers is one of the most critical aspects of starting a business. One of the most important issues of being in sales or marketing is to have a compelling sales pitch. A sales pitch is fundamental for sales because it provides a salesperson with the advantage of a consistent approach which will not lose those sales, yet allows them to adjust to make harder deals if needed.

Lacking an efficient sales pitch, it is often more hard to be successful in turning potential clients into real clients. Your sales pitch should be persuading, informative and delivered correctly to be successful.

The Sales Pitch Framework

Here’s a brief framework you can use for building your sales pitch:

Problem: Start with an assertion or question approximately the problem you solve and share eye-opening records. Answer the why.

Value Statement: Share an explicit, concise explanation of value. Be action-oriented and outcome focused. Avoid using jargon. Share benefits.

How We Do It: Highlight unique differentiators and give an explanation for what you do.

Proof Points: Provide clean reference examples and listing recognizable achievements. Share industry validation and awards.

Customer Stories: Share customer examples and successes. Tell emotional and personalized customer stories. Make it real and tangible.

Engaging Question: Close the pitch with an open-ended query creating a space to have a verbal exchange.

“Short” is vital when discussing sales pitches. Ideally, your pitch should be a one-liner summarizing what your product/company does, how they do it, and for whom.. This is not just a requirement for sales reps, and the question then is how do you incorporate all information in a short sales pitch without omitting anything? Here are the tips on how to create a compelling sales pitch.

Be Concise and Direct

A successful sales pitch gets the vital information to the potential client as quickly, concisely and directly as possible. As a general rule, your pitch should not be than about 225 phrases. This is about the length of the average person’s attention span. One manner to check the period of your promoting pitch is to practice it in the elevator. If you can’t get your sales pitch out during the period of a typical elevator ride, it is too lengthy.

Make Your Pitch Focused

A successful sales pitch should have specific information on how your products can serve people better. E.g., People don’t want to hear that buying life insurance will help them feel more secure after a loved one’s death. They want to know precisely how it will help them, such as giving them the means to pay for the loved one’s funeral, helping pay for college and other costs that will occur in the future and additional focused information.

Know Your Audience

To have a successful sales pitch, you need to recognize the type of information that will be relevant to the person or group of people listening. For example, If you are making your life insurance pitch to a group of senior citizens, they probably won’t be interested in how the insurance product can help pay for their child’s university due to the fact, their children are probably grown and out of university. If you are going to make your insurance sales pitch effective, know what is relevant to your audience and focus on those benefits.

Use Facts that Will Excite and Fascinate

When making your sales pitch, don’t downplay the benefits that the listener can receive from your products. Put the information regarding concrete numbers and figures rather than vague terms like “saves money.” Tell them how much your product can be of help to them.

Build Up Your Products

Many salespeople will try to sell their product by telling you what is wrong with the products that their competition sells. Unfortunately, many consumers are turned off by this approach. That’s why you should concentrate on making your products sound superior rather than making your competitors’ products sound inferior. Your selling pitch should tell about the benefits you can provide and let your listener decide which is better. Your job is merely to convince them that your product is the best no matter what.

Implementing these tips into your sales pitch will help you be a more successful salesperson. Take some time to work on this every day, and you will undoubtedly see an increase in your success as a salesperson in no time at all!

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your sales pitch. However, you need to remember that by putting your clients first before profit-making, you will be able to create a very useful sales pitch.

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