You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

If you truly are campaigning for womens equality, go campaign in places where campaigning is truly needed. Where women are not equal to men. Where women cannot speak unless given permission. Where women cannot show their body. Where women are mutilated simply because they are women. Where women are seen as inferior to men. Where women are seen as less than human, as less than women. Go to those places. That is where you are needed.

Thank you for telling me that if I truly believe that I am equal that I am wrong. Thank you for telling me that if I believe in facts that I am wrong. Thank you for telling me I believe in things that I simply do not believe in.

When a woman does not agree with you, you assume an authority over her and tell her in a condescending tone that she is wrong. That’s the definition of a bigot (bet you never considered yourself one of those before).

It is clear to me the inequality of your existence as “you sit on your pedestal, a pedestal you are fortunate enough to have, and type.” You sit and type arguement upon arguement challenging the opinions of others (I read somewhere it’s called being “a keyboard warrior”) when you are ignoring the fact that other women can hold different opinons, and that it is OK. I can see from the way you write that you are “a denier of facts, wrapped in your own illusion of (in)equality.”

There are women in the world who are not equal. You and I are not one of them.

I am forever in debt to those men and women who fought for my equality that enables me to do the things I am able to day. I am not and will never be in debt to you.

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