[FAN ACCOUNT] 17/1/8 NCT 127 Inkigayo Post record [aired 17/1/15]

Note: I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago. So forgive me. There will be some notes in here as well.

Well this was a stressful day. I didn’t make it into the morning prerec but made it into the afternoon postrec. I wasn’t able to hear my number in the utter chaos so I lost my super close spot but I still got in for standing. I was in the back but we were all crowded to the front because why not. And holy shit. Like. Bless. BLESS. Everyone looked so good that day, even though they were tired. They had prerecord that morning and then performed “Good Thing” for the broadcast and then had postrec. They ended up filming it four times. I pretty much died every time Johnny did something. I AM SO WEAK.


Mark: Screams were of course really loud for him because he’s Mark Lee. He has a lot of fans and rightfully so because he has earned them. He works so hard in everything he does. There is a reason he is in all of the three units so far. I’m so proud of my small Canadian child who is now gonna be on that high school rap show and YOU BETTER WIN IT ALL MARK.

Haechan: Stop being so goddamn adorable. Seriously this kid is killing me with his cuteness. Noona killer in the making. He’s so young. I want to protect him. PROTECT LEE DONGCHYUCK 2K17!

Winwin: He was in such a good mood that afternoon. He had a lot of fans as well and his smile is just too perfect. Light of my life Dong Sicheng. I also feel the great need to protect him. I don’t know why but I just do.

Yuta: Damn son. Just damn. That stage presence. My god. Just. Wow. I am constantly impressed. Every day I am thankful that you saw Tohoshinki on TV. Every goddamn day.

Doyoung: MY DOYOUNGIE!!!!!!!!! So. Many. Doyoung. Stans. But it is also hard to hate him because if you hate him you just hate happiness and rainbows and sunshine. He deserves the whole world honestly. He was also the happiest little button but that’s our Doyoungie.

Jaehyun: Stay in your lane boy. Stay there. But honestly, I never gave him much thought before but now and I’m mad at myself for not seeing his talent sooner. I have failed myself.

Taeil: I will say this until the end of time really. Don’t sleep on him folks. There is something about Taeil. I can’t put my finger on it yet but he is gonna be something else. And I’m so excited.

Taeyong: Goddamn. Goddamn. Goddamn. He just oozes charisma. I keep forgetting how young he is. I’m so excited to see how he grows as a leader, rapper, artist, etc. The fact that the person who though the Big Three were SBS, KBS, and MBC and the person who literally controls the stage when he performs are the same person baffles me. Taeyong please.

Johnny: I’m whipped. Like pretty much there is no one else in the world except for him. Let’s just say I was having a bias list problem and Johnny won in the end. (Hello ultimate bias). Look. He wore a goddamn Phoenix Coyotes jersey from the 1990s for this stage. Now I know no one over here would know about that unless they religiously follow the NHL. My mouth dropped when I saw him come out wearing it because this further confirms my theory that John Suh is a hockey fan. Hockey is my sport. I am a hot mess. This is very important to me and I don’t even know if I will recover from it. [Writer’s note: I was right. The comments about Johnny have begun. Gonna be on the defensive as usual.]

Anyway, damn. I was standing in the middle and well it was pretty obvious you could see me. [I was the only white person there.] During the second recording he literally looked at me. R. I. P. I was literally the only Johnny stan in standing as well. There were a few others in the seated area and we all screamed when he had his part.

I know this is gonna be brought up eventually so I’m bringing it up now. I haven’t seen any comments about this yet but someone will eventually say it. “Johnny’s face looks like he isn’t having fun.” Now we need to keep in mind that he just debuted. It takes a while to get familiar and comfortable with the cameras. Right now, he is focusing on not making mistakes. In due time he won’t be as obvious (if this even is the right word to use here. I don’t even think it is…) because he will literally be stealing everyone’s spotlight. I actually saw that during the fourth recording when they had the members look at a different camera for camera reactions or something like that. During Johnny’s part, the look he gave the camera. Oh my god. You just debuted. I am not ready for that eye sexing.

Honestly I could go on and on about Johnny. I could write an entire essay about Johnny and how he makes me feel. THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE WHEN YOU HAVE A ULTIMATE BIAS. I HAD HIM PEGGED TO BE NUMBER THREE WHEN HE DEBUTED AND HERE HE IS NUMBER 1, MY ULTIMATE BIAS, THE PERSON THAT LITERALLY HAS ME KEPT AND WHIPPED AND I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. PRAY FOR MY SOUL IF I EVER GET TO MEET HIM. PRAY FOR ME. [Writer’s note: So I wrote this on January 8. I had no idea that since then I have met him three different times. And it was twice in one week and then 6 days later. Three times in two weeks. What are the odds?]

When they finished, the lights went up and they gave us their greeting again and TY tried to tell us something. One of the Inki people ran up with a mic and each member introduced themselves. Yes, I screamed when Johnny introduced himself. After each member spoke, they did their greeting again for us and left. I’m just really happy I got to see Johnny during his debut weekend. By the end of the weekend, I literally fell in love with NCT as well. I love these boys a lot and I am gonna support and protect them till the end of time.